There are many apps on android to hide videos, audios and all the other files. Some of the app like “Hide It Pro” is on the top list for hiding videos, audios, messages, calls..etc.

Note: If you want to download this app (Hide It Pro) then you can visit this link:

It is very easy to hide files,applications and logs via hide it pro OR any other app. All you need to is follow the instruction given on the app and bang!! You have something hidden on your android phone.

Similarly unhiding these files requires same steps although the difference is in the end you will need to choose “unhide” instead of “hide” option but repeating this method again and again is irritating.

So in this tutorial I will teach you how you can unhide these videos (temporarily) on android without following those steps again and again OR without opening the hiding app. All you need is a simple MX Player (A common video player that can be found on almost every user who is using an android)

And a simple Hack Too!!

Yes there is another reason why you should checkout this tutorial as this tutorial can also help you to see other’s hidden video without letting them know. So If someone you know have hidden videos on their android phone (If they have hide these video using any app) then you can easily see it this trick!!

This tutorial is for those who want to check someone else’s hidden videos (And other private stuffs 😛 :P)

So basically with this tutorial you can view all the videos on the phones of those people who have used “Hide It Pro” or any other hiding app to hide their videos. This tutorial can bypass Hide It Pro in some ways.

So what are you waiting for? Lets get started:

How to View Hidden Videos in Android Using MX Player:

OR you can say How to view hidden videos on Android without letting the user know, So lets get started:

  1. If a user have MX Player on his/her android phone then it just go to the 2nd step OR else download and install MX Video player on your targets phone by using this link:
  2. Now open MX Player and go to options by clicking on 3 vertical dots:MX Player Option Icon
  3. Click on Settings > then goto ListOpen Settings then List
  4. Now look for the option “Recognize .nomedia” and uncheck the option
  5. Now look for “Show hidden files and folders” and check the optionCheck and Uncheck option
  6. That’s it!! Now go back and refresh the MX Player app (Refresh the media list) and voila! You will see some hidden videos

Refresh the media list and see the hidden videos

Thats it!! Now you can see all the hidden videos on any android phone without letting the user know, Once you have seen all the hidden videos then follow then step again and undo the process by checking the “Recognize .nomedia” option and unchecking the “Show hidden files and folders” option. If you have any queries then feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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