As you all know WhatsApp is the most popular social networking site which have already surpassed Facebook. They have also launched an amazing feature, which is WhatsApp Calling that has made the WhatsApp more needed app.

Nowadays every person who has a smartphone will also have a WhatsApp account But there is a huge drawback of WhatsApp and that is, Each and every mobile phone whether it is a dual sim or single sim can only have 1 WhatsApp account.

But today I will tell you a hack (trick) that will help ou to get two WhatsApp accounts on single mobile phone!!! Yes, you have heard it right 😀 🙂 Now you can use 2 WhatsApp account on your same mobile whether its single sim or dual sim. For this you will need to follow these steps.


  1. You won’t be needed any rooted mobile phone for this!!
  2. Yo won’t have to uninstall the WhatsApp for this
  3. Same method used (You just have to install some alternate WhatsApp app like you did for original WhatsApp)
  4. As easy as 1-2-3, I know there are more steps (6 Steps) 😛 😛

Now let’s get started:

How to use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on Same Mobile:

Alternative WhatsApp

  1. Download an alternate WhatsApp App, Which is GBWhatsApp:

a) For Android:

b) For iOS:

2. Install the alternate WhatsApp app (GBWhatsApp) on your smartphone

3. It will ask you to enter the mobile number, Do not enter the same number which you are using for the original WhatsApp

4. After you have entered the mobile number it will ask you for a verification code (Make sure the number which you have entered in the alternative WhatsApp is genuine (Not False) or won’t be get a verification code)

5. Once the verification step is completed it will take some seconds to configure the account (Similar to Original WhatsApp)

6. Done!!! Now you can see two WhatsApp icons on the home screen of your smartphone!!


  1. You can customize your GBWhatsApp by using a different theme, For this you will need to go to:
  2. More cool features available here:

That’s it!!

Hope you liked this article, If you face any problem which using GBWhatsApp then please do not contact us as. Just use the official site of GBWhatsApp which is

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