You must have noticed that our blog have shifted from blogspot to wordpress and we are quite happy using this CMS (Content Management System) for our blog. We would also recommend you to use this platform for your blog!!

Previously I have also wrote an article on how you can create a blog on blogspot do if you want to setup a blogspot blog then you can find one article here, Here we have covered all the steps for setting us a blogspot blog : How to create blog on Blogspot

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Wordpress Setup

Many of you must have thought that why we have shifted from blogspot to wordpress? So here it is :

Why WordPress?

  1. It is free
  2. It has many plugins and themes (The main reason)
  3. Easy to use
  4. Full access to blog*

*On blogspot blogs we do not have full access, but while having wordpress as a platform you can have full access on your blog

Now lets get started :

What you need :

  • A Domain
  • A Hosting Site

You can get the domain and hosting from HostGator iPage BlueHost

  • WordPress CMS

You can get the WordPress CMS from here : 

  • FTP Client (FileZilla) :

Steps to create a wordpress blog :

For tutorial purpose we are using “000webhost” as an example. Do not copy the details, Just add your desired details which filling up the information

1) First go in your desired hosting (Which you have recently bought) site’s CPanel > FTP and copy your FTP details, which includes :

  • Your ftp hostname
  • Your FTP username (Same as your CPanel username)
  • You FTP Password (Same as your CPanel password)

2) Now paste the details in your FTP Client (FileZilla)


Ftp connection setting


3) Now unzip your wordpress (.zip) file and drag all the files from the wordpress folder to your hosting account’s root directory

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Drag and Drop

Now wait for the files to upload

4) Till then go to the cpanel of your hosting account > MySQL Database Wizard > And create your database here


MySQL Wizard


– Do not forget to give privileges to the user that you created in the database


User Privileges

5) Copy your database details in a notepad (which includes) :

  • Database Name
  • Database Username
  • Database Password


Details of MySQL Database



6) Go to the URL (which you bought recently), in which you want to install your wordpress blog. ie. :

Replace “YOUR_NEW_DOMAIN” with your domain name

7) Follow the on screen instructions :

Select the Language > Now Fill your database details (Which you saved in a notepad file)


Language of setup


Fill the detail


Fill details like this


If the “Database Host” is not given  then you can try “localhost” as for some hosting sites database host is localhost

8) Now click and “Submit” button > Then you have to click “Run the install” button and your wordpress will be installed automatically

9) You are now on the final stage of setting up your wordpress blog!! Just fill up the details to create 1st user (Admin). Keep the password strong.


Creating user


10) Just click on “Install WordPress” button. Done…Congratulations!! you have successfully installed wordpress blog.

11) That’s it..Now you can login and manage your wordpress blog

Alternative :

There is another way of installing wordpress, Which is quite easy as compared to the method mentioned above. In this method you don’t need any FTP details, client, MySQL Database and its details!!

You just have to click on auto installer and it will install the wordpress for you (Automatically). You can find these auto-installer in your cpanel


Script AutoInstaller


It will install the wordpress with 1 click!!

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Final words :

Now you must have got some idea on how you can install wordpress!! I hope it helped…Now the next step is choosing and template (we recommend you to use ThemeForest Themes, As they provide good quality templates at low price) for your wordpress and installing required plugins but that’s the another thing and we will definitely make a tutorial on it. For now if you have any queries then you can feel free to ask below OR you can also contact us.

Having Problem?

We can also setup the wordpress blog for you, Feel free to contact us here

Till then happy blogging!! 😀 🙂

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