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Hiding pictures from someone on Facebook is so easy, but what will you do if you secretly want to see someone’s pictures who aren’t your friend (blocked pictures). So I have decided to make a tutorial on this and the best part is no third party software is required for this method!!

So let’s get started:

This is an old method (This method doesn’t work anymore), New method will be published soon

Steps to view locked pictures of people on Facebook:

1) Go to the profile of which you want to see the pictures of
*In this case we will use URL of Hacking-Guide Facebook page :

2) Now change the URL like this:” to “

How to see pictures of people who aren't your friend on Facebook

3) Now copy the id

How to see pictures of people who aren't your friend on Facebook4) Open a new tab and type the following :” and replace “FACEBOOK_ID” with the id which you have just copied

5) Done!! Now you can see all the pictures which were hidden

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