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The advent of the cloud and its growth have caused important changes in the world of business. It has become one of the most widely used online services on the global scale. Small businesses, large companies and individuals all use it as a means of data storage and fast access to handy software solutions. However, to continue such a good work, it is important to apply some easy safety steps that will keep the intruders off.

Negotiate local backup

Although every provider of cloud services is expected to ensure a backup copy of all the data you keep on your cloud account, it is always good to create and store your own copy of those data. The problem is that most of the well-known providers do not offer such a possibility. However, it might be negotiated before you sign a contract and hand your precious business future in their hands.

Be strict about access

When it comes to websites, forums and blogs, only the admins should have unrestricted access to your cloud data. If you loosen up on that matter, the consequences might be disastrous.

In addition to that issue, you should also be careful about the way you secure your data stored on a cloud drive. Your photos, videos, presentations and documents also need to be properly protected. The password that leads to your cloud realm should not be used for any other purpose. Also, make sure that it is changed every now and then. Moreover, the private mode in your web browser does not remember any passwords, so it is another way of staying safe when accessing your cloud business account.

Take pre-upload measures

While it is true that you should trust the provider you have chosen, everything should be approached with a grain of salt. In view of this statement, every cloud user should take same precautions prior to uploading their business data to the cloud. First of all, make sure that the folders you decide to store online are encrypted. It works pretty easily with data packages on a cloud storage account, like the reliable and user-friendly pCloud Drive. On the other hand, the encryption of websites and blogs is usually done by cloud providers.

Secondly, make sure that you do not share at all the documents that are truly precious for your business.

Finally, you should make at least two local copies of every single item you store on the Internet.

Cloud Store Measures

Contact undisputed cloud masters

The act of choosing your cloud provider also matters a lot in terms of online safety. Since the cloud has spread very quickly over the last few years, ISO have brought a set of standards for cloud providers, to create a global framework for such companies. So, when you are in two (or more) minds over your provider(s), the ones that operate in accordance with the ISO cloud standards should be given advantage over the others.

Businesspeople should not be afraid of the cloud. It enhances communication, speeds up the work process and cuts expenses for every business. Just make sure that using the cloud is accompanied by serious safety measure, to keep your business data protected from undesired access.

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