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Any product or service requires promotion, and engineering services are not an exception of that rule. The nature of this business requires selecting promotion methods more carefully. All of them can be divided into two main categories: those ones which are carried out on-line and the ones which work offline. The latter includes participation in various thematic special exhibitions. Promwad Innovation Company, which has been developing electronics for more than 10 years, upon its customers’ requests, carries out such tasks as in-circuit programming, hardware platform development and manufacture arrangements, the company repeatedly participated in various industry events and made appropriate conclusions.

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Advantages and disadvantages of specialized exhibitions:

It is not so difficult to participate in an exhibition. Firstly, it costs money, and the money must be big. One square meter in a pavilion of a prestigious exhibition costs several thousand dollars. Besides that, the booth has to look attractive; you have to print out lots of flyers and other printed products. Staff members, who serve at the stand, should be accommodated in a hotel and have to be provided with food and be prepared to communicate with potential customers. Often they are qualified specialists needed to be at the workplace, but they have to be sent on a business trip for a week and a half instead.

Yes, participation in exhibitions is prestigious, but promotion there of engineering services is difficult. Mainly, potential buyers of finished products come to exhibitions. Yes, they like Promwad products, but when they realize that a product has to be developed and then it needs to be manufactured, many of them lose their interest. Not all exhibition visitors are capable to evaluate all advantages of the offer. Specialized forums make exceptions, but they are not held often, and the effect of them is less than the investments into them.

Online promotion of cervices:

The effectiveness of direct sales is familiar to representatives of different business industries. On-line promotion of engineering services is more profitable, even if we are talking about English-speaking segment of the market. Extensive multi-aspect work directly with potential consumers of the services is much cheaper than normal advertising and participation in exhibitions. Sales managers of Promwad electronics design-house successfully do that, they establish direct contacts with potential customers, offering them a variety of services such as industrial design, molds manufacture, enclosure production, prototyping of electronic devices and other.

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