Android’s new OS update “Android Lollipop” is already being rolled out and this new update is available in many android devices like Nexus 6,Motorola Moto X2/G2/G (And on other moto devices it will launch soon), Samsung S4/+ (latest models). But do you know that in every android OS there is a secrete easter egg hidden and this time in android lollipop it a flappy bird like game.And now i will tell you that how you can play this game, So lets get started :Also Read : 5 Tips to increase Android performance

How to play "Flappy Bird" like game in Android Lollipop

Steps to play Flappy Bird like game on Android:

To play this game, Your phone must be updated to the latest version of android ie. Android Lollipop

1) Go to your phone Setting > About Phone
2) Now scroll down until  you see “Android Version”
3) Keep tapping on “Android Version” (5-6 times rapidly)
5) Then you will be redirected to a new window with a giant Lollipop in it (You can tap it to change the colour of the lollipop)
6) Just press and hold on the lollipop and again you will be redirected to another window with a flappy bird like game in it
7) Done!! Now you can enjoy the game

How to play "Flappy Bird" like game in Android Lollipop

So in this game basically there is an android like character in place of a bird and you have to dodge and navigate this android through all the giant lollipops instead of pipes which were in original version of andry bird game “*BUT” this game is very very difficult than the original version of angry bird. We couldn’t even get 2 points in this game.

Now why don’t you try and play this game and please do tell us that how much did you scored.

More easter eggs!! :

Here are all the easter eggs found in android OS (Compilation Video). This is not our video, it is made by “Benny Techno 101” (YouTube Channel) :

As you can see that by far the best easter egg till now is android lollipop’s easter egg which is more user interactive than other easter eggs.

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Have Fun!!

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