is #1 ULR shortener which provide money on clicking it’s shortened URL (Check out : Top 10 URL shortening sites which pay). It is providing excellent service to both Publisher and Advertisers. But making money with is not so easy as it looks, There are many publishers who didn’t even get there first $5 cashout from (First automatic cashout of

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How to optimise your Earning

So in this tutorial you will learn how you can optimize your earning

First you need to have an account :
With Referral : (Copy and paste it on the URL bar)
Without Referral : (Copy and paste it on the URL bar)
*Use http instead of https if the link does not work

Method 1 – Social Share:

Share you links on facebook and other social networks : Sharing on these sites = getting more traffic to your link. You can just put it in the comment section of someone’s page post/status/image which has got too many likes/comments.

Method 2 – Banners:

Use banners on your websites/blogs : Add a banner on your blog/website where there is too much click expressions. You can check that on Google Analytics. It does not means that you should use the referral banner on your blog/website, You can also use a link (*image) banner ie. Short a link with and link it with image tag. Example :

Method 3 – Tools:

Use tools : tool are for you to maximize your earning, You can use “Website Entry Script” (One of the tool of on your website/blog to increase the chance of more income. What you have to do is put the given code on your page

You can also use the code and many other tools directly from tools section

Note : Replace “YOUR_ID” with your referral ID which can be found in the referral section

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Method 4 – Links on Forums:

Share your links on Forums : Sharing your links on these sites can give you alot of traffic (Same as social media sites). As on forum people exchange there links which works alot these days (At high traffic rates)

Bonus Method:

Use “Chaining” method to earn : In this method can get more click ie. more income. So what to do in this method?
1) Short a link with
2) Short the link with
3) Now short that link with and follow these steps for 2-3 times until you get an link
Note : Only 5 Clicks from same IP is allowed in


These were the best methods that can boots your earning, and let me tell you that is a good source of making money online, This will also work for you only if you will keep patience and follow the right way of earning with There are money people out there who don’t have a job and make there income with

Happy Earning!!

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