You must have seen/heard that many professional bloggers are using CDN to make there wordpress blog load faster because there are many CDN plugins available for wordpress which can be easily integrated on a wordpress site with 1-2 clicks, But do you know that you can also make your blogger blog faster with CDN?? Thats right!! For this you need to have a custom domain (ie. for your blogger blog instead of ““.

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Do you know that blogger blog with default domains ( uses there own CDN which is “Google PageSpeed CDN” (Get more info : but with this you cannot use their CDN control console (And that is a drawback). But when you change your default blogger domain ( to a custom domain ( then you can use another CDN services for your blogger blog.

So basically what is CDN?

It is called content delivery network which is largely distributed system of servers across the internet that helps in delivering webpages and there contents to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user. CDN helps in speeding up your website/blog and also helps in delivering high traffic to the website/blog which have global reach.

To know more about CDN :

You must have also heard about “CloudFlare CDN“, A CDN service which can work with any type of website/CMS (Control Management System)/blog (Drupal, WordPress, Blogger or any other blogger service), But now let me tell you more about this CDN service….

How to make your Blogger blog faster with CDN

CloudFlare CDN :

It is one of the best CDN service and unlike many other CDN services, CloudFlare doesn’t charge for bandwidth usage. As mentioned above, It can work in all types of Blogs, Websites and CMS. It is super easy to setup CloudFlare service for your blogger blog and the most interesting thing is that it is FREE (But paid version is more effective)

More info :

So how to setup this CDN service for your blogger blog?? Don’t worry because this tutorial is all about “Setting up CDN service for your blogger blog“. So lets get started :

Setup for blogger:

1) Go to :
2) Click on “Sign up now!” button
3) Fill your desire information and then click on “Create account now” button. Now activate your CloudFlare account via email

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4) Now login to your CloudFlare account an click on “Website” tab OR visit this link :

5) Add your site URL in the box an click on “Add website” button
6) Wait for 60 seconds, During this time CloudFlare will fetch your site’s DNS records. After the process is complete, Click on “Continue setup” button

7) After this it will show you the fetched DNS records

Screenshot (This is my another blog, :

How to make your Blogger blog faster with CDN

– There are two things for you to do on this step :
a) Confirm your entire DNS zone record is listed below. Our system has found as many records as possible, but it is important for you to verify they are all listed here.
b) Decide which subdomains you want on and off CloudFlare.

8) After editing/adding your all DNS records, Click on “I’ve added all missing records, continue” button
9) Now in the Plan selecting section select “Free – $0/month” plan.
– There are other premium plans, You can check it out here (Link :

Screenshot :

How to make your Blogger blog faster with CDN

We recommend you to buy a premium plan for more features

10) In “Performance” section select “CDN + Basic optimization (faster)” an then click on “Continue” button
Use these settings (Screenshot) :

How to make your Blogger blog faster with CDN

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11) Now change the name servers with your DNS provide :
I am using GoDaddy (But these steps will be almost similar for other DNS providers)
a) Login to your respected hosting/domain provider site
b) Go to your domain’s DNS settings
c) Now in the Nameservers section click on “Manage” an then select “Custom
d) Now copy and paste both nameservers (CloudFlare Nameservers) in the box, Then click on “SAVE” button

How to make your Blogger blog faster with CDN

12) Now go back to CloudFlare and click on “I’ve updated my nameservers, continue” button
13 Done!! You have successfully added the CDN to your blogger blog (It may take upto 24 hours to resolve the nameservers in CloudFlare)

Conclusion :

I myself is using the CloudFlare CDN for my blogger blog ( and it has shown the drastic change in speed and performance

Screenshot :

How to make your Blogger blog faster with CDN

I will also recommend you to try this CDN service for your blogger blog. Please do give your feedback of CloudFlare and do tell me about which plan you are thinking to buy and integrate to your blogger blog. I have covered almost each step but please do tell me if I missed any….

If you have any queries then you can comment below OR you can contact. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends via Facebbok, Google+ and other social networking sites.

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