If you have a blog on blogger then you may have already got to know that on this platform there are no plugins/tools that can help you to create a custom landing page like wordpress/Popular CMS other than blogger.

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How to make a custom landing page in Blogger

As we can see, It is lot more important to have a landing page, For Promotion OR Affiliate Marketing OR To get subscribers OR For all of these things.

So basically what is a custom landing page?

It a page which is first appeared when some visits a site, ie. Its like a homepage.

As we said above that other then blogger, any other CMS like wordpress/drupal can create a custom landing page without doing any effort, but when it comes to blogger there is no simple way!

So in this article i will show you that how you can build a custom landing page in a platform like blogger, And this is very easy too. So lets get started :

Steps for making a landing page in Blogger (Blogspot):

1) Make a page in your blogger and name it like “Welcome” or anything that can fit for a landing page
2) Now insert all that things in this page which are required for a custom landing page
3) After you have finished working on your landing page, Just go to Settings > Search preferences :
And in the “Errors and redirections” section edit the “Custom Redirects” like this :
a) In “From” section add “/” (Forward Slash)
b) In “To” section add “/p/YOUR_LANDING_PAGE.html
Replace “YOUR_LANDING_PAGE.html” with the URL of the landing page which you have created recently, Set it like this :
If you have a landing page with URL : hacking-guide.com/p/landingpage.html
Then in the “To” section insert like this : /p/landingpage.html

c) Tick on “Permanent
d) Click on “Save
e) Now click on “Save changes” button

How to make a custom landing page in Blogger

4) Done!!

Tips on how you can customize your landing page :

1) If you are using an original blogger template then use this code to increase the width of the main/body section of your blog. ie It will hide the sidebar of your blog (Only for custom landing page) :
a) First go to Templates > Edit HTML > Now search for]]></b:skin>” and before it paste this this code :

This code works well for original blogger template, But you can also try it on Custom-Made/Magazine style blogger templates

2) You can add other widgets like recent post widget/popular post widget or any other widget on your custom landing page. These widget can be found in sites like :
1) Helplogger : http://helplogger.blogspot.com
2) Blogger Widgets : http://www.bloggerplugins.org
*These are very popular blogger sites that provide different type of blogger gadgets/widgets.

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Bonus Tips :

Remember this tips to optimize your custom landing page in your blogger blog :
1) Reduce the webpage loading time : Do not add so much of images/widgets, This may be result in increase of webpage loading time
2) Length : Use short content, ie. Do not increase the length of the content which is in your custom landing page.
3) Must have Call to Action buttons

Conclusion :

Hope you like this idea of creating the custom landing page in platform like blogger. Now do let us know how your custom landing page is working and how did you optimized it.

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