Millions of people are using Windows Based computer (PC/Laptops) and were eagerly waiting for this operating system but now they don’t have to wait any more as Windows 10 (The latest OS of Microsoft) is now available for all. In my previous article about Windows 10 I told you about some features and specification of Windows 10. But if you are unaware of that then let me recall some of the top features and this OS. Visit : Windows 10 : Its time to upgrade! (With download link)

As you know that Microsoft always surprise their audience (users) with cool new features and interface on every new release of their product. This time also they have some new features and UI (Improved) that will blow you mind!!

You can try this Windows by installing it on your PC/Laptop and If you have no idea on how to install this Windows on your computer then don’t worry because I have written a complete tutorial on How you can install Windows 10 on your computer, So lets get started:

What You need:

  1. A copy of Windows 10 (ISO) : Download 32Bit | 64Bit
  2. If you want to Install the Windows in a Virtual Machine then you will need Virtual Box, There is also another virtual machine which is “VmWare” but in this tutorial I will use “Virtual Box” for tutorial purpose.

How to get started:

If you want a fresh install of Windows 10 then you must follow this guide:

1) Create a backup of your data, You can create it from the control panel (For both Windows 7/8)

2) Now you must have downloaded the ISO (Your preferred ISO), Now just click on the download button and wait for the Media Creation App to complete its downloading process

3) Select “Create installation media for another PC

4) Select your preferred Language, Edition and Architecture

5) Choose your preferable media

6) Choose what to keep (You can click on “Help me decide” button)

7) Done!! Now you can click on “Install now” button to start its installation process (The time which will take in the installation process will depend on the speed of your media (Device))

8) After the installation is finished, Your PC/Laptop will restart automatically

Note: You can also upgrade your Windows 7/8 to 10! For this you will need to Click on “Upgrade this PC now” instead of “Create installation media for another PC” (In step 3) and then follow the on-screen instructions (They are easy to follow)

If you want to install Windows 10 on a Virtual Machine then follow this guide:

I hope you must have downloaded the Virtual Box from the link given above, So let’s get started:

1) Open Virtual Box

2) Create “New Virtual Machine“, Just click on “New” button and enter your preferred data. The data must be accurate!

Choose Type: Microsoft Windows and Version: Windows 10 (Version should be same as the version your your original operating system)

3) Allocate the memory (Virtual RAM that is needed for Windows 10 in virtual box), Use at least 2 gig of RAM

4) Choose the directory (In Drive) which you will needed for the Windows 10 (Virtual Box Space), Choose at least 50 gig

5) Now choose the ISO (Of Widows 10 which you have recently downloaded)

6) Done!! Just follow the onscreen instruction

7) Do not forget to install Guest Additions which are required for Windows 10 (Virtual Box) for this you will need to go to Device (In Virtual Box user interface) > Insert Guest Addition CD images

That’s it!! Now you can enjoy Windows 10 on your PC/Laptop, most laptops in the market already have windows 10 preinstalled. Here are some best laptops under $1000 with windows 10 pre-installed.

If you face any problem while installing/upgrading the Windows 10 then do not forget to contact, You can also comment.

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