In previous WhatsApp tutorial (ie. link : How to avoid getting temporarily banned from WhatsApp (For WhatsApp+ Plus users)) i guided you that how you can avoid getting temporarily banned from WhatsApp, But if you already got banned from WhatsApp then here is a small tutorial/guide that will help you to get unbanned from WhatsApp. So lets get started :

How to get Unbanned from WhatsApp
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The real truth is that, You cannot bypass your temporarily ban from WhatsApp even after using the “XMod” tutorial (ie. link : OR any other tricks available on the web.

So this trick is for those users who want to use WhatsApp+ Plus even after getting banned from WhatsApp:

Steps to get unban in WhatsApp:

*First make a backup of your chat
1) Uninstall the WhatsApp+ Plus
2) Install the original version of WhatsApp from here :
3) Then wait until you get unbanned
4) Now after you are unbanned, Install the “Anti-Ban” version of WhatsApp+ Plus from here (NOT RECOMMENDED) :
a) For WhatsApp (Plus ReBorn 1.00 Anti Ban) :
b) For WhatsApp (Plus 6.76 Anti Ban) :

*These WhatsApp+ Plus version will prevent you from getting banned

5) Done!!

Update (26/02/2015) :- If your temporarily ban time is increasing then you must follow these steps :
1) If you haven’t uninstall WhatsApp+ then do that and install the (original) latest version of WhatsApp (Without this you won’t get unban)
2) Make sure all the files related to WhatsApp+ are deleted.Use cleaning apps like :
a) DU Speed Booster :
b) Clean Master :
To clean remaining WhatsApp+ data (If any)
3) Do not use any crack/method to bypass WhatsApp banFollow these steps and wait…These method also worked for me, So I hope it will work for you too.

Conclusion :
So to all those users who are searching for methods that can bypass your ban from WhatsApp, Please don’t waste your time on searching these methods because these methods are not working anymore. Just wait for the time until you get unbanned and then install the “Anti-Ban” version of WhatsApp+ Plus

Have Fun!!

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  • can we manipulate our last seen in whatsapp+ antibanned version?


      Yes you can! In the anti-ban version of WhatsApp+

      • Shekha

        Sir my whatsapp is banned from iOS how to get unbanned my number is this 09925005202

        • To get unbanned from WhatsApp, You must follow the steps given above. But if then also you havn’t unban then you must contact, WhatsApp team via email ([email protected])

          • shekhar suneja

            Please tell me any step I will follow

  • mostafa

    my number is blocked. .help me please


      There is only one way and that is to wait until you get unbanned because if you will try any tricks/hacks to unban then the temporary ban time will increase!! There are no other tricks/hacks available on the web..So I recommend you to wait to get unbanned


      If your no. is blocked the there is nothing you can do. For this you just have to change your no.

      But if your are temporarily banned then you just have to wait….Don’t try any hacks/tricks to get unban because this can permanently ban you from WhatsApp.

  • sanchita

    my number is temprorarily banned on whatsapp first its for 24 hrs. but after 24 hrs its shows me that i m banned for 72 hrs. what should i hv to do ? w8ing for get unbanned or change my number


      No, You don’t need to change your no. just follow the “Updated” steps given above and wait to get unban

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  • luis

    I am currently using whatsapp (not whatsapp+) and it says that I am banned. how do I resolve this?

    • Piyush Sharma

      I am suffering from same problem
      Its saying that i am banned
      So i want to know has ur problem been solved?
      If yes, than how please

  • Mahesh police patil

    Hello frds my wants app banned plz tell me how to unban

  • Piyush Sharma

    Please help me to get unban from this ban

  • Piyush Sharma

    Please help me to remove permanent ban of whatsapp!
    Its urgent
    Screenshot is also attached.

  • Rahul Gupta

    Your phone number +91 9630278428 is banned from using whatsapp.
    contact support for help.

  • Hanaffi Idris

    Hi, i currently is temporary banned for 4 hours. I follow your step, uninstall whatsapp and wait until it finnish. Where can i get anti ban software? Just wonder, after i follow your step i never get banned again?

  • Shekha

    Hi my whatapp banned how to do unbanned for, iOS my number is this 09925005202

  • Shekhar

    Sir please solve my problem also

  • shekhar suneja

    Hi sir my whatsapp id is banned how to do unbanned from iOS my number is this 09925005202

  • shekhar suneja

    Please tell any set I follow

  • shekhar suneja

    Please give me any step I will follow

  • shekhar suneja

    Please solved my problem

  • Just tell them that how you got banned (Just tell the truth), Make sure to apologize (If you did something wrong)

    • shekhar suneja

      Hey say me in your number have so much complains but I don’t do any thing with any person please u guide me

    • shekhar suneja

      And my business is close because of this

    • shekhar suneja

      They do not tell me and now 72 hours complete so I am not getting unbanned so u are website is not not

      • They (some user/s) must have been flagged your no. OR reported your no. to WhatsApp report team as you are doing some business on WhatsApp

  • vasanth

    pls help banned is my whatsapp unbanned resolva +919894443026

  • vasanth

    pls help the resolve step in follow

    • Make sure that you are not using any WhatsApp Cracked Tool like WhatsApp Plus then use their support contact page to know the reason behind your ban.

      They don’t ban any user for no reason there should be a reason that you have got banned

    • Make sure that you are not using any WhatsApp Cracked Tool like WhatsApp Plus then use their support contact page to know the reason behind your ban.

      They don’t ban any user for no reason there should be a reason that you have got banned

  • Jad Al Ashkar

    hi my name is jad my whatspp is banned what i do 0096170355723 can you hlep me

    • You can contact Whatsapp support team and ask them for their help, anything else may lead to permanent WhatsApp ban!!

  • charles fisher

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  • Jitendra

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  • Sanjay Darji

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  • Imran Khan

    My number is banned 5 days ago please unban my account plzzz plzzz help me

  • This is stupid as fuck! The title says “How to get Unbanned from WhatsApp”, the content discusses “how to prevent you from getting banned”.

    • I think that you haven’t read the article…And please mind your language….or you will also get ban for commenting

      • You think your condescending tone will convince Disqus to kick me? Your website is shit, I wouldn’t even come back anyways.

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