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You may have noticed the wrench icon, or spanner (or any tools-you name) and pencil Icon in your blogger site. Well they are quick edit icons for you blog article or post and for quick widget editing. Simply it’s the Blogger’s Shortcut edit. But the layback is that they even appear publicly, which can be kind-off “OKaay” moment for your visitor. So, removing the icons is pretty essential to you if you are taking blogging seriously.

Let me tell you something, if you are facing the icon problems in blogger, you are not alone. Basically people don’t notice this because it’s native and (Yes, it can be removed). Many think they have the icons on their site because they accessing as the admin, but they only realize that it’s that stickier when an audience or next of kin mentions it.


(But if you are using a custom template you may or may not encounter this problem.)

Let’s get down solving this icon issue.

What we need is:

A code which is small and indeed easier to remember.


In case you have not noticed; the wrench icon appears in your blog over a widget only. Your problem is something like this:

Wrench Icon
Now that you have figured your problem, let’s remove it.(or HIDE IT , whatever you prefer)

  1. First, open you blogger and enter the template section. Then go to edit HTML.
  2. Now search for the code in the HTML . Press “Ctrl+F” to toggle the search bar. Take a look at what you should be doing on above steps:Code Search
  3. Now, place this .quickedit{display:none;} (code) right after the <b:skin> or inside the  <![CDATA[
  4. Click “Save” on your template.


The wrench icon is solved.

Step 2 – The Pencil Icon:

  1. Go to your blogger layout and click the edit on bodypost. Then uncheck the “SHOW QUICK EDIT”. It will be like this:Quick Edit
  2. Click “SAVE” and you are done.


The pencil bar on your blog posts are gone.

Wasn’t that just easy?

In any case, if you are very much worried about the method messing with your blog:

  1. Don’t worry. It won’t affect a thing on your blog. Unless you used to make quick edits.
  2. The code won’t mess up your blog.

I am very delighted to help bloggers around here. Feel free to ask any queries about it. I will help you in any way I can.

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