It usually happens a lot time that whenever you browse/visit some website(s) you get an unwanted ad popup which is very annoying and it some times redirect you to some other site which have some unwanted or inappropriate content. But now you can get rid of these popups as there are some methods which will help you to fight back! So lets get started
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How to get rid of unwanted popups ads

Method 1 – Install a popup blocker called “Adblock Plus” :

From this method you will also get rid of banner/video ads from a website/YouTube
1) Go to
2) Install the plugin
3) Done

Methods 2 – Clean up your browser with “CCleaner” :

This will clean the up the unwanted registry which is causing popups
1) Go to
2) Download and install the softaware
3) Open it and click on “Run Cleaner” button (It will automatically choose the best settings to clean your desire web browser)
4) Done

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More methods :

1) Removing unwanted toolbars/softwares that are causing popups :
a) Go to the control panel
b)Uninstall it

2) Do not visit that site which contain popup ads

Conclusion : 
Following the above method will definitely minimize the popups for now, but in future i don’t have any guarantee that these methods will work or not. And please note that there are some ads called acceptable ads which can’t be blocked by any method provided above as these ads are safe (in any condition) and will not harm your browsing experience.

Have fun!!

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