Making and website/page is easy but getting views/likes/followers and subscribers on the same page/website is not so easy as it looks. It takes a lot of time and patience to increase your websites/pages social presence.

But if you want to get likes/subscribes/followers/hist and views really fast then there is way called ‘Addmefast’

How to get more likes, followers and subscribers:

Just follow the steps given below and you can get more likes, followers and subscribers with ease!!

All you need to do is register to

So what is Addmefast?

Addmefast is a network that can help you to grow your social presence with one click! It allows you to choose whether you want to increase likes/followers/subscribers/visits/hits on your page/website.

So how it work?

It works on the basis of  sharing system, where you will get points by linking/subscribing/viewing/following someone’s page/website and in exchange of that you can use that points to get likes/subscribes/followers/hits and views on your page/website.

How to apply for it?

1) Visit (Get 500+ Credits)

2) Register yourself

3) Activate your account

4) Login and the click on “Add Site/Page” button

5) Select the type (What action you want on your page/site)

6) Enter your desire “Tile” (It can be anything of your choice)

7) Enter the URL of your page/site

8) Set the “CPC” to 5 (Higher CPC = Higher chances of your site/page to get likes/subscribes/followers/hits and views but your points will decrease at that speed too!!)

Example: If you have (total of) 1000 points and you enter a page to get likes on it with the CPC of 8 then every time you will get a like, 8 points will be deducted from your (total points)

9) Done!!

Bonus :

Get more addmefast points with iMacro bot (1000 points within 1 hr)

Steps :

1) If you are using Chrome then install iMacro from this site: OR if you are using Firefox then install iMacro from this site:

Note: This iMacro bot does not work in any other web browser

2) Install the addon on your desire web browser

3) Now go to this site and follow the steps: (Forum)

For best working script use this:

Have fun!!

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