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Whether you are just an average Pinterest user or you are using it to promote your blog or business, you will always want to get more Pinterest followers. You probably noticed Pinterest profiles with couple of millions of followers and you were asking yourself how did they managed to build this huge followers base?
Take a look at these users:

How to Get More Followers on Pinterest

As you can see they are followed by big number of people (13M, 1M, 1M). These profiles are just examples, there’s also other profiles with the same or even bigger number of followers.

These profiles aren’t something special, don’t get me wrong, they surely have nice boards and quality pins, but that’s not what brought them this number of followers. If you look at the number of their pins, you will notice they don’t pin as much as you, right? That means, their pins are not the reason of their popularity. These users are not special, well, they are nothing more special more than you are.

They started using Pinterest at the very beginning of this social network, and back then whoever registered on it, got the suggestion by Pinterest itself to follow these profiles. That’s what helped them to get more and get more Pinterest followers each day.

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Things are a little bit different today. If you are not trying hard to get more followers on Pinterest, you probably won’t get them.

So, how to get more followers on Pinterest? Start pinning more!

1. When I said start pinning more, it doesn’t mean to pin every single picture you find online. You should be pinning more, but quality is still important, so as the quantity. When it comes to Pinterest, there’s no such thing like “quality over quantity” or “quantity over quality”, both are equally important. Pinning couple of quality pins every week will get you nowhere, just like pinning a lot of crappy pins every day.

Conclusion: Pin a lot – Pin quality pins.

Pinning more will promote your profile and your boards and the followers will keep coming.

2. So, you registered to Pinterest couple of days before, you followed couple of 100′s of people, but you still can’t build your own followers base. That’s because you don’t have anyone to pin to!

(i.e) You have 100 of followers who are already following thousands of people, so your pins are simply invisible to them. Now, once again, we are reaching to Pinterest Group Boards invites. By getting invites to big Group Boards, you are getting access to a huge number of Pinterest users who are more than ready to take a look at your pin and repin it. This will give you and your pins more exposure and more chance for your pins to get into Pinterest “Popular category”. And that’s what will get you more followers.

I remember getting 4000 visits during 24 hours to my website just from one pin that reached Popular category. This pin got almost 200 repins and it still brings me visits. I pinned it about 20 days ago. It also brought me decent adsense revenue of 71 Euros (almost $100) that day. During that day, I also got about 300 followers.

Of course, I don’t have as much followers as Joy Cho or Bea Herzberg, but what I got is access to more than 350 Pinterest Group Boards with a total of 1,5 million followers, and that’s what brought me all these visits and revenue.

So, whether you want to promote your blog, or you are trying to promote your business, you will need Pinterest Group Boards invites, simply because access to this boards will bring you visits, promote your blog and get you a decent number of Pinterest followers at the same time.

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