WhatsApp web is one of the best feature of WhatsApp, It was first launched in Android, But now all the user who have a jailbroken iPhone can activate this feature, although there is no official release of WhatsApp web for iPhone user. You can activate it via this method OR you can just wait but let me tell you that this method is 100% safe so you don’t need to hesitate while activating the feature via this method. People are using this method since it was first created ie. since May 2015. So let’s get started:

Note:┬áIf you haven’t activated this feature via your Android then you can activate it now using this link (WhatsApp is now on The Web!)

WhatsApp Web for iPhone
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This is very easy, You just need the following thing:

– Jailbroken iPhone with WhatsApp installed

Now let’s activate this feature via iPhone:

  1. Open Cydia and install “WhatsApp Web Enabler
  2. Now go to your iPhone’s Setting > WhatsApp Web Enabler and “Enable” it
  3. Now force close your WhatsApp and then restart it again
  4. Go to your WhatsApp’s Setting > Click on WhatsApp Web > Click on “OK. Got it.”
  5. Now it will ask for the QR code, Just go to your desktop/laptop and open any the browser (Chrome/FireFox/Opera) and open “https://web.whatsapp.com” then point the iPhone’s QR code scanner to the QR which is appearing in “https://web.whatsapp.com
  6. Done!! You have successfully enabled WhatsApp web via iPhone

You can also watch this video to activate the feature. Thanks to “myjailbreakmovies” for making the video:

That’s it!! Hope you have installed the feature, if you want it via Android then do look for the link which I have mentioned above (In the note section) this link will redirect you to the tutorial that will help you to activate the feature via Android.


Install “Watusi” in your iPhone using Cydia to experience more ultimate hacks/features in your WhatsApp

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