Previously I published an article on how you can activate WhatsApp Voice Call on your android (Here is the link : How to enable Voice Calling in WhatsApp (Root Needed) (Android)) an now I have got this interesting tutorial on how you can activate this WhatsApp Calling feature on your iPhone (iOS device). Although there is no official release of WhatsApp Calling on iPhone’s but with this hack (Almost a type of hack) you can activate the feature on your iPhone. And please don’t thank me for this as this method is developed by akshitgupta95 (reddit user), You can check out the original post here (
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How to enable WhatsApp Calling in iPhone (Jailbreak *Required)

Please note that you need a jailbroken iphone to activate this feature or else this method will not work!! To jailbreak your iphone you need to read this tutorial : (Not by us).

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Warning : This method is for information purpose only.We do not recommend you to jailbreak your iphone. You can wait for the official release of WhatsApp Calling feature for iphone

Steps to activate calling feature in your iPhone:

1) Download the beta version of WhatsApp from here : (Using your iphone)
In case there is some error while installing the beta version, then first you will need to install AppSync to install the beta version of WhatsApp

2) Now add the following repo (iMokhles)( in your Cydia list (In Cydia sources):

How to enable WhatsApp Calling in iPhone (Jailbreak *Required)

3) Install WhatsApp Call Enabler package and enable it from your iphone Settings
4) Done!!

Now you can ask one of your friend (Who activated the feature using the same method) to activate this feature on your iphone. Or you can ask one of the redditor (via comment section) from this post ( to activate the voice call feature for you.

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I cannot activate this feature for you as I am not an iphone user!! But don’t worry this feature works 100% as there are many user who are already using this feature on their iphone and you can also check out this news from here : (One of the most popular news site of India)

I have also embedded a video (Thanks to myjailbreakmovies (YouTube Channel) for the video) :

Using this video tutorial you can easily activate calling feature on your iphone.

Please do not forget to thank akshitgupta95 (reddit user) for bringing this method to us (here is the link :

Warning : It is highly recommend that not to jailbreak your iphone just to enable this calling feature. You can wait for the official release of this feature in iphone.

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Please do tell us that did this feature worked for you or not (via commenting us below) and also do not forget to share this method with others. If you have any queries then you can comment us below OR you can contact us.

Happy WhatsApping!!

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