First it was WhatsApp Web (Visit : WhatsApp is now on The Web!) and now it is WhatsApp Calling feature (Tested Version)…As you can see that WhatsApp has started rolling out this amazing feature (A week ago) by which you can call to another WhatsApp user for free. First it was rolled out for selected users but now it is available for wider set of people.This is a tested version which is not officially rolled out and if you want to get this feature on your WhatsApp now (The fast way) then you can follow this guide

Update (13/03/2015) :- WhatsApp Call is now available to all android users, For this you need to have WhatsApp version 2.11.561 and then follow the steps given below..

How to enable Voice Calling in WhatsApp:
How to enable Voice Calling in WhatsApp (Root Needed) (Android)

Steps to activate this feature in your Android:

First of all ..You need to have the latest version of WhatsApp before getting this feature (ie. WhatsApp version 2.11.508 and Up)

– There are basically 3 methods to get this feature on your WhatsApp
1) Invitation Method (Recommended method / Normal Method)
2) Enabling it from Terminal (Root Needed)
3) Enabling it from Root Explorer (Root Needed)
Note : The last 2 method will only activate the calling UI of your WhatsApp

Warning : Please try the method 2 and 3 at your own risk OR your WhatsApp may/will not work

So first you need to have a rooted phone to get these method (2 and 3) work, For this just read this guide :
How to root your android device (Do at your own risk)
How to enable Voice Calling in WhatsApp (Root Needed) (Android)

Method 1 – Invitation Method:

What you need :
1) WhatsApp version 2.11.508 and Up

Steps :
1) For this you need to ask someone (Who has WhatsApp Calling Feature) to call you
2) Done!! Your calling feature is now unlocked
– Now you can call another person to enable this feature on his/her WhatsApp

Method 2 – Enabling it from Terminal (Root Needed):

What you need :
1) WhatsApp version 2.11.508 and Up
2) Rooted android device
3) Terminal (You can download it from here :

Steps :
1) Open terminal
2) Type in this code :

3) Done

Note : This method have some drawbacks :
1) You cannot invite someone to use calling feature after activating the same feature using this method
2) You can only call to someone who have enabled this feature using the same method

Method 3 – Enabling it from Root Explorer (Root Needed):

What you need :
1) WhatsApp version 2.11.508 and Up
2) Rooted android device
3) Root Explorer (You can download it from here :
4) An invitation from someone who has this feature enabled (OR this method will not work)

Steps :
1) Open root explorer
2) Now go to “/data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/com.whatsapp_preferences.xml
3) Now type these 2 lines (code) anywhere between “<map></map>” :

4) Save this file
5) Now go to Settings>App>Whatsapp and “Force Stop” the application
6) Re-run the application again
7) Done!!

The call quality is based on the internet (WiFi) speed and this method will/may not work for 3G and 2G because of the testing version of the WhatsApp calling feature. It is only rolled out for android but soon it will be available for other platforms too.

Courtesy :
Thanks to XDA-Developers (Forum) for sharing these amazing methods!!
Link :

You have now enabled the call feature on your WhatsApp!!…Please do not forget to activate this feature on someone else phone by inviting them. We recommend you to wait until this feature is fully rolled out, But if you don’t want to wait then you can use these methods.

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  • Sahir

    Got the calling feature but can’t call anyone because I used the third method to gain this feature..


      Yes as i said, You cannot call using the 2 and 3 method but you can ask your friend (who has this feature) to call you and it will activate!!

      • Arpit Vaid

        Can you please help me to activate this by calling me ?

      • Aayush Thakore


        • Gilitwala Jay A

          my friend already called me. bui still not working

  • krunal

    hey can u give me a call….so that it can get activated….
    my no. – +917568077047

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  • Imtiaz Junaed

    Can you please help me to activate this by calling me ? my no. is +8801911091077.

  • Gilitwala Jay A

    I already got the call feature interface but I can’t call anyone! It just terminate the call without any reason. ;


      As I have already mentioned above that method 2 and 3 will only activate the UI For calling…For further activation you need to follow method 1

    • Sushil Kumar Singh

      could you please call me

  • Sushil Kumar Singh

    Anyone who has this feature installed and working, please call me

    I have used the third method

  • Dev

    i tried the 3rd method and one of my frnd called me but not got activated….

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