Internet has now become a source of everything. From shopping to socializing, everything can be done on internet. These days people are making lot of money by using internet, It has also become one of the biggest source for business. But I am not here to talk about internet, I am here to tell you how you can make money using “The Internet”.

In this tutorial I will teach you how you can make money by just reading emails, Yes you heard it right ! You can make a lot of money by just reading a simple email.

Do you want to know how it done? So lets get started:

How to earn money by reading Emails:

There are lot of email advertising sites which pay you whenever you read their mail. All you have to do is signup to these email advertsing sites and voila it done!

Here is the list of top email advertsing sites which pays you when you read their email:



eRmail is one of the best email advertising site where you can earn upto $0.25 to $1 (per email). The minimum amount of cash out is $100.

It also provides you a eRclient tool through which you can get eRmail email notifications.

One of the best thing about eRmail is that, there is a $10 signup bonus! So what are you waiting for? signup to eRmail now:



InboxDollars is another one of the best online earning site where you can not only earn by reading emails but also make a lot of money by:

  • Taking Surveys
  • Playing Games
  • Shop Online

It is a free to join money making site where you can earn around $50-$100 a month without spending a single penny

Paid To Read Email:

Paid To Read Email

Paid To Read Email is another money making portal, You can earn around $0.01 to $0.1 per email. With this site you can money by quick surveys, offers.

You will get 15% of your referral earning (When he/she completes an offer, survey OR shop online)

It is a free to join and the minimum payout is $15.

PaisaLive :


PaisaLive is an india email advertising site. Minimum payout is Rs.1000 ($14.92). So you can earn by:

  • You can instantly earn Rs.99 for signup
  • You will get Rs.0.25 to Rs.5.00 for checking each mail (promotion)
  • You can earn Rs.2.00 for referring

You can even earn free recharge with this site. Check out their payment proof: Click here

So these were the some of the email advertising sites which works well for me. I think it will work well for you too.


Online money making tutorial / tips / ideas works only if you follow each and every step carefully, If you are thinking of making a million within a month or 2 then you wrong. This tutorial will only help you to earn some amount which can help you to get motivate and proceed further.

If you have any other email advertising site in mind then please do tell us via comment section below.

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