Facebook is one of the most famous social networking site in the world with around 1 Billion+ user (April 2015, Check out the live stat from here : http://www.internetlivestats.com/watch/facebook-users) where you can share your images, videos with your loved once. So thats ehy we decided why not to write any article (tutorial) which is related to Facebook video OR images…So here it is :

Downloading an image from facebook is as easy as uploading it..You just have to click on download button which is located in the option section below the image :

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Download Image from Facebook

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But when it is about downloading a video from facebook then there is no such official way to do that, So after exploring the web we got an interesting way to do that!!

Hmmm yes there is a way and you don’t need any third party tool/software to this, Its just a simple trick or we can call it a hack that will help you to download any video from facebook 6 simple steps, So lets get started :

Note : This trick will only work from Desktops/Laptops and will not from mobile/tablets

Steps to Download Facebook Video :

1) Go to http://www.facebook.com

2) Change the URL from http://www.facebook.com to http://m.facebook.com

3) Select the video which you want to download.

Please make sure that the video should be on facebook and there should not be any redirects

4) Play the video and then pause it after it is half played

5) Right click on the Video > Select “Save video as…” :

Download Video

6) Now save the video on your pc….Done!!

Note : Do not download any video and share any private video.

Hurreyyy!! Now you can download any video from facebook and that too without using any third party tool/software

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Please note that we are not the first one who discovered this hack/trick, We already got it from “Reddit”. We have just re-shared this trick (We think that sharing knowledge is good!! 😀 🙂 ). Hope you liked it.

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There are many more Facebook tricks/hacks to come so stay tuned and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter OR you can also like us on Facebook

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