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MAC stands for Media Access control, Generally every network interface of computer on LAN has its own MAC address. It is coded with NIC (Network Interface Control) which don’t allow you change your MAC.

Every network card has a unique mac address which is also called physical address of interface. But in today’s tech savvy world we have many tools and tricks which can make your operating system to believe that MAC address can be change or can be of user’s choice. MAC address can restrict or open access to any connected device.

Today, MAC address can be used for various purposes. You can specify MAC address of any device on your router to tell it who can connect to it or who cannot. It works as an identification of device. Mostly it is used to set filter on firewall to block certain devices. Changing your mac address can bypass this type of security. Below is the format of MAC address.

example of mac address – 02:3B:99:A9:00:D5

MAC address contains 12 digit string in six pairs and can be used for hacking/tweaking, But today I will teach you how you can change your MAC address. Basically there are two ways of doing this.

Before proceeding further I recommend you to check MAC of your PC, For this you will need to:

  1. Open CMD (Press Windows + R to in run box type in CMD)
  2. In CMD type “ipconfig /all and hit enter button.


Note: Using this command, you can see IP address and MAC address of your PC.

Now lets get started:

How to change your Mac Address on Windows:

Method 1 – Change MAC address of adapter manually:

  1. Right click on “Network” icon of your taskbar > Select Open Network and Sharing Center
  2. A window will popup, Now on the left side of the window click on “Change Adapter Settings
  3. This page will show you, all network interfaces or adapters of your PC. Right click on the adapter of which you would like to change MAC address and select “Properties“.Selecting Properties
  4. Click on configure buttonSelecting Configure
  5. From the pop up window go to “Advanced” tab and click on “Network AddressingSelecting Network of Address
  6. Check the Value (Radio button) and enter your new MAC address like this:- 087DHH8DVYV9 (without colon), It should contain 12 digit strings
  7. Click on OK buttonChanging MAC address value

After entering new MAC address open your CMD and again type ipconfig /all command to see your new mac address. It will not show you full MAC address because of some security reasons, but it will show some characters used between the MAC address . So match these characters with your changed MAC and if they matched then your mac is successfully changed.

Method 2 – Change mac address using Technitium MAC changer tool:

  1. Download and install the Technitium MAC Changer software from this link:
  2. After installing software, close/disconnect all connections of your pc.
  3. Open mac changer software and deselect the network of which you don’t want to change the MAC addressChanging MAC Address
  4. Click on “Random MAC Address” buttonRandom MAC Address
  5. Deselect “Make New MAC address persistence” option and select “Use ‘02’ as first octet of MAC address Selecting options
  6. Now click on “Change Now” button.
  7. You will prompt with a message saying “MAC address successfully changed” and your adapter address changed status will show “Yes

Check your mac address again in cmd using same command. I would recommend you to use the second method because it is easy and the tool used for it is also free. You may get confused in first method, but if you want to use first method then don’t  forget to enter MAC address without colon while manually entering it in value field.

Now if you are blocked by someone’s you can just change your MAC address and bypass the security!!.

Note: Remember that you have to disconnect yourself first in order to change the MAC address. If you still have any question, you can ask in comment section below.

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