If you have an android tablet/phone OR when you bought a new one then you must have noticed that there is a same old OS (Operating System) in your tablet/phone and you must have thought of how you can personalise your tablet/phone to make it more beautiful, cool, awesome?

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How to beautify your android's old look

So in this article i will show you how to customize your phone/table’s UI (User Interface) into more stylish one :

How to beautify your android's old lookFact :- Whenever you buy a phone/tablet or any other device you always try to keep that device safe (at first place) for few months, But whenever it gets old you don’t even care of it. This happens because you are bored with the same old look and appearance of that phone/tablet or any other device.

Using launchers can tweak the device behaviour and can make it more user friendly. With this you can customize your phone according to your needs.

1) Use Nova Launcher (Android):

How to beautify your android's old look

It is the #1 launcher on the web with countless of Animation options, Customization options, themes…etc. Although this is a popular launcher but it is not so easy to customize your phone/tablet’s UI with this launcher. You can download the launcher from here : http://bit.ly/19ciTYp

Now lets see android lollipop theme as an example (Video) in nova launcher
This video is made by xdadevelopers (URL : http://www.xda-developers.com)

Themes of nova launcher will not be available on Google Play Store so you will need to find and download the custom theme packs from web (It is easily available on Google), Because nova launcher themes are not in single “.apk” file.

2) Use GO Launcher EX (Android):How to beautify your android's old look

It is one of the best launcher with many themes and screen transitions. It is easy to use and it can be downloaded and install from here : http://bit.ly/1kha8i6
This launcher can convert your tablet/phone’s UI into any other operating system UI (As per your needs). It also provides  3D transition and themes, With this amazing launcher you can even convert your phone/tablet’s operating system look like android Lollipop.

Some of GO Launcher themes:
– Lollipop 5.0 : http://bit.ly/1zP0heq
– Paris : http://bit.ly/1s4EcCl
– Monkey Z : http://bit.ly/1KJd2bD

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Bonus :
1) Use other launchers like :
a) Google Now Launcher
b) Action Launcher
c) Apex Launcher
2) Please do download the widgets which are related to the launchers to make the theme look more real

That’s it…So please do tell us which is your favourite launcher as there are many more launchers available in Google Play Store. You can also share with us that how you customize your launcher to beautify your androids looks and if you have any queries then do not forget to contact us.

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