For this upcoming Christmas, You can make your blog look more special by adding some snow fall effect on your blog. Yes, that’s right as per the topic of this article I will tell you how you can add snow fall effect on your WordPress blog. So let’s get started:

How to Add Snowfall Effect on Your WordPress Blog:

  1. Go to this link and download WordPress plugin (Tribulant Snow Storm) on your blog:
  2. Go to WordPress Plugins > Add New >Upload Plugin > Choose file and select the “Tribulant Snow Storm” zip file which you have downloaded recently and then click on “Install Now
  3. Now go to WordPress Settings > Snow Storm and make your changes, You can select your own specific settings or you can leave it as default
  4. Save you settings and you are done!!

Note: You can also go to WordPress Plugins > Add new and search for “Tribulant Snow Storm” and then click on “Install Now” button.

Why Tribulant Snow Storm Plugin?

I have tested many snowfall plugins but there were some issues (errors) in other plugins, but as for this plugin I didn’t get any error!!

Now you can see there is a snow fall effect on your WordPress blog.

If this plugin does not work then you can install one the plugin mentioned below:

  1. WP Super Snow (Falling Snow, Customizable)
  2. Christmas Snow Fall
  3. Big Snow Flakes
  4. *This is the complete list of snowfall plugin which you can download

If you are a Blogspot user then you should read this guide: How to Add Snowfall Effect on Your Blogspot (Google Blogger) Blog (Christmas Special)

Have Fun!!

If you have any other plugin in mind that is very popular for festive days like Christmas and new year then you can tell us via comment section below

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