Previously I posted about how you can add Snowfall Effect on your WordPress blog but today I will guide you on how you can add snowfall effect on your blogspot blog which can make your blog look more cool and beautiful in this Christmas season!!

This is a very nice tutorial for those who wants to make snowfall on their blog, This tutorial is also as easy as 1-2-3 that anyone can perform this on their blogspot blogs. So let’s get started:

DemoSnow Fall Effect on

How to Add Snowfall Effect on Your Blogspot (Google Blogger) Blog:

Snowfall effect

What you will need:

  1. A code that will be required for the snowfall effect.


  1. Copy this code (Found on Google):
  2. Now go to your blogspot blog’s Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
  3. Search for  </head> use “Ctrl + F
  4. Now paste the above (copied) code before  </head>
  5. Done!

Now you can see that there is an amazing snowfall effect on your blogspot blog


To make the changes in your snowfall effect, You can edit the following code:

  1. minSize: 10 : By changing the value you can change the minimum size of the snowflakes
  2. maxSize: 50 : By changing the value you can change the maximum size of the snowflakes
  3. newOn: 400 : By changing the value you can change the quantity of snowflakes (snowfall)
  4. flakeColor: '#ffffff' : By changing the value you can change the color of the flakes. For more HEX color codes visit

For snowfall effect on WordPress blogs, Visit this guide: How to Add Snowfall Effect on Your WordPress Blog (Christmas Special)

That’s it!! hope you liked this guide. If you face any problem while applying the code or with the code, You can contact us via contact us page or via comment section below.

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  • amethyst florida

    Thank you for the tutorial. It really helps me.
    I have a problem with my blog. I hope you can help me. I’m not good at computer things. I’m a real beginner.
    Here’s the problem:
    A few days ago, I added the above code as you told me. It really worked. Then I added some widgets, as told in other blogs. After some trial and errors, the snowflake effect was gone.
    I have double-checked that the code above was still there. I didn’t delete the code accidentally.
    What should I do?