In this century smartphone is everything..Yes you heard it right! with smartphone you can do almost everything from taking photos to booking a flight to your favorite destination OR even managing your bank accounts (everything is possible with smartphone)

But have you thought that what will happen if someone steal your smartphone or your smartphone gets in wrong hands?

For this there is only one solution and that is to protect your phone with some of the best security apps available on the web HEXLOCK

So what is Hexlock?

Hexlock App Lock

Hexlock is a security app created by Liquidum Limited that can protect you phones privacy and apps by six unique (security) profiles.

It can protect your phones:

  • Gallery
  • SMS
  • Contacts
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Calls
  • Videos, Music and much more!!

The app is less than 10MB in size but offers very powerful features!!

Now lets talk about some of the best features of Hexlock:

Features of Hexlock:


  • Social Media Protection: It can protect your social media accounts which means no one will able to see your social media profiles or chats (on facebook, whatsapp or any other)
  • Hexlock is so powerful that if some tries to uninstall this app from your smartphone then the success rate of uninstallation will be 0% which means others cannot uninstall this app from your phone other than you
  • Self Activate Feature: The app can activate itself when you connect your smartphone to another network
  • There is Media vault option available in Hexlock which can protect your photos, videos and other private stuff. This vault can only be access by you
  • Parental control options is also available in this app so that you can give your phone to your kids.
  • Hexlock Cleaner: There is a feature in Hexlock which improve your smartphones working capability while protecting your privacy

Below is the screenshot of some of the features of Hexlock:

Hexlock Features

So these were some of the best features of Hexlock, Now lets see some intro (video) and screenshots of Hexlock.

Hexlock Intro (Video):


Hexlock Screenshot:

How to gets Hexlock App Lock:

To download Hexlock on your smartphone all you have to do is:

  1. On your smartphone go to Google Play Store
  2. Search for Hexlock
  3. Now install it on your device
  4. That’s it!!


Hexlock is one of the best security app available on the web, With features like social media protection, Hexlock cleaner and Media Vault which can protect all your smartphone stuff we should say that you should try this app atleast once. I also recommend this app if you want to protect your apps, photos, chats, videos and other credentials. If you are ready to download and install this app on your smartphone then click on the button given below:

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