So here lets talk about some basic guide (tips) about hacking.

What is hacking ?

Hacking is a technical word which is used when we manipulate the normal behaviour of a network/device/system etc. The person who do hacking is called hacker.
Hacking (mini)-Guide for Beginners -

Basic types of hacking :

There are basically different types of hacking but in this article i will guide you about 2 simple type of hacking which is :1) Keylogging
2) Phishing

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So lets get started :

1) Keylogging :

Keylogging is an art of recording every keystroke on a machine that can be retrieve further. The program which helps in keylogging is called “Keylogger“. A keylogger can be a hardware or a softwareSome of the best known keyloggers (Software) :

– Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition (Link :
– All In One Keylogger (Link :
– StaffCop Standard (Link :
– REFOG Personal Monitor (Link :
– The Best Keylogger (Link :

Some of the best known keylogger (Hardware) :

– KeyGrabber WiFi (Link : Google It!)
– VideoGhost DVI / HDMI / VGA (Link : Google It!)
– KeyGrabber Nano USB (Link : Google It!)
– KeyGrabber USB (Link : Google It!)
– KeyGrabber PS/2 (Link : Google It!)

2) Phishing :

Phishing is an art of acquiring someone’s info such as username, password, credit card detail etc. by using a fake means of communication example profile/page/email

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