It is common enough thing to believe that it is only men that tend to cheat on their girlfriends or partners or have an extra-marital affair. What one might not know is more often than not, women too are known to be the ones who might be using online dating apps like tinder to get hold of a few random hookups here and there to simply add some spice to their trophy wife lives.

To some it may seem like an amazingly astonishing facet of truth, on the other hand to the people who know better, who know how easy it is for women to get a date as compared to the men because of the what they are along with the fact that the shortage of women on the online dating apps and sites compared to men makes women a precious commodity online and thus makes it easier for them to work the field. Add to it the fact that only takes a few minutes for a woman to impress a man while for a man it takes a solid hour to achieve the same results make it all the more harder.

Therefore, if you suspect that your very expensive trophy wife is playing the field like you are suspecting and using your hard earned money to blow of her boy toy, well you can ask your bodyguard to follow her and if you want to handle the matter privately, all you have to do is simply install a spy app like TheOneSpy in her phone that knows what to look for and you would know immediately about all she is up to.


TheOneSpy app Relationship infographic

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