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Now, speaking about fake credit card number already seems like a scam, however things are not always as they appear at first. Sometimes, these numbers are used not to scam others but to protect yourself from the scam. There are some situations in which you will want to try out a free trial, but even for that, you will be required to enter your real credit card number so they can charge you later. This however, does not seem very safe and some people were known to repent for such actions. Naturally, you won’t be able to buy anything off of this credit card number and since you lack some basic security info further means that you are not scamming anyone. The only thing you will do this way is protecting your (most) private data, while getting the most out of your free trial.

So here is a trick on How to Get Unlimited Free Trials Using a “Real” Fake Credit Card Number:

Why Use Fake Number?

First of all, just because there is a sign that something is free, does not necessarily mean that it is. For example, some trials will be rigged so that they charge you the second your trial expires, which is why they need your credit card number in the first place. In order for you to make a payment online, you would have to also fill in your CVV or CSV number. This is why, these fake numbers won’t work on real paying sites, meaning that there is no harm done here. These sites however, will find out about this card not being real as soon as they try to charge you without your consent. In other words, this step is nothing more than looking out for yourself.

Getting the Number:

Free Card Generator

The way this works is quite simple indeed. A credit card number is nothing more than a 16 digit number, and you can easily generate one by using platforms such as or CardGen (Android App) if you are on android. Still, both of them operate on Luhn Algorithm, also known as “modulus 10” or “mod 10” algorithm. Neither of these apps however generates card security codes and they even emphasize that using this app for fraud or fraudulent behavior is not just morally wrong but also highly illegal. After all, it never pays off to no one to serve some time, just because you wanted to buy an item or two online free of charge. Luckily, this is not what these programs are for in the first place.

Alternative Solution:

Prepaid Eftpos Cards

Of course, if you are still suspicious towards this, there is another way to get what you need. For example, for example, you can always use prepaid visa gift card, in the same manner. Sure, saving up the money on your gift card to access free trial may seem as such a waste, but all you need to do is keep a small amount of money, just enough not to keep the card valid. Even figures as insignificant as $2 are known to work. Furthermore, expiry date on these cards are usually several years, which yet again makes them highly practical. In other words, get a gift card, use most of the money off of it and save the last few bucks for (not entirely) free online trials.

What Happens When the Card is Declined?

What most of you wander now is what happens once someone tries to charge you off this fake credit card number or gift card only to find out they can’t. Well, this is actually quite simple, you get an email saying that your credit card is declined, urging you to enter a valid one and this is it. Of course, this might repeat itself over and over again for several months, but seeing how you won’t be forced to pay for the product, most find this kind of a deal more than acceptable. Finally, some are concerned that you might use someone else’s credit card number, but seeing how you are leaving your own contact and nothing will be charged off of it, there is really no harm done.

As you can see, if there is a reason why you may require a “real” fake credit card number, you can easily get one from some of the aforementioned applications and platforms. Another thing you could have noticed is that even though at first all of this may have seemed fishy, it is not necessarily so. This method is only there to protect your money from the unwanted purchase, while still giving you access to free trials you want to use.

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