Flipkart is the most popular e-commerce site in India, On top of that Big Billion Days 2015 is the most awaited sales days for many Indians. As you should know that this mega online sale promises massive discounts and deals which can create lot of audience at a time so in the end this may result in dud and tech snags!!

Flipkart Online Store

So here I am sharing with you some of the best tips that you can do to get a successful checkout:

1) Get Flipkart App Ready:

This mega sale runs exclusively on Flipkart App, So get your app from this link: http://fkrt.it/s8S~cuuuuN

2) Make Your Wishlist:

Do not forget to make your wishlist so that whenever there is an item available that is in your wishlist, You will get an instant reminder and also it will be more easy to get the product which is in your wishlist.

3) Save your Delivery Address:

Do not forget to save your delivery address, So that it will get easy to get your product shipped and it will also save lots of time as this may get annoying to enter your shipping detail every time whenever you checkout

4) Save your Debit/Credit Card:

Do save your Debit/Credit card for faster checkout, it will also help you to save lots of time. As you know there are many people waiting for this even so following this technique can get (your) the product right away.

Note: You can also put cash in your wallet as this is also the alternative for faster checkout. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Login to Flipkart using app (To download the app visit this link: http://fkrt.it/s8S~cuuuuN) /website
  2. Go to gift card section, If you are using website then use this link: http://fkrt.it/sDe3huuuuN
  3. Add email and Value of your gift card
  4. You are done!!

5) Subscribe for Flipkart First:

Flipkart first is one of the best service bought by Flipkart, I this you can enjoy the following services:

  1. In-a-Day Guaranteed Delivery
  2. Same-Day Guaranteed Delivery
  3. 60 Day Replacement Guaranteed
  4. Free Standard Delivery with no Minimum Purchase Price
  5. Discounted Price

All you need to do is subscribe to this service by just paying Rs.500/Year. If you are interested then go to this link: http://fkrt.it/bv7GWNNNNN


1.You can also save 10% more if you are an SBI Bank Customer

2. Some of the important link (Categories) that can help you to navigate faster, Just save these link as your bookmark and you are good to go:


Kitchen and Dining

Mobile Phones

Electronics And Automotive


Do not forget that this mega sale is a 5-day sale which is exclusively on Flipkart app (So if you don’t have the app then you can download it from here: http://fkrt.it/s8S~cuuuuN), With this app you can even get maximum discounts on normal days. So enjoy shopping and save more!!

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