Nowadays, multiple users are using MS Outlook for their Business purpose for accessing the email messages headers. The Outlook message header has given a list of technical information including the original email address of sender and receiver and using software to compose it. Such useful information are beneficial to identify the problems occurred in emails. In the following section, we will discuss Outlook 2010 view headers without opening and also, gives multiple solutions with respective issues.

Importance of Email Message header

Whenever a message is sending through any email client, then the server automatically adds a special field known as email header with it. The email message header information comprises the basic sending and receiving information about the email message. It carries entire information about the routing of email as well as other hidden contact information. The problem arises in Outlook 2010 message headers that failed to update.

Overview of the Problem

Consider a following scenario, which is explaining the brief description about issue:

Sometimes, an Outlook user might experience a problem with incoming mail messages. In this, all the Outlook message headers missing emails arrive i.e., all fields are blank including Sender, Receiver, or Sent Time.

Solutions Behind to Repair Outlook Message Header Missing

NOTE: In the below section, various reasons are given with their resolutions to overcome the missing Outlook message header in Microsoft Outlook.

While working on the system if a user is not able to receive emails in MS Outlook, then there are several common reasons due to which MS Outlook might fail to update an email message header. The multiple reasons are involved in the occurrence of such Outlook error. Following are the factors due to which Outlook error is generated these are:

1. Fixing Error with PST Files

The Outlook message header has been failed to update just because of corrupted or damaged PST files along with Outlook. Thus, the solution is required to repair pst header.

Solution: For Solving this issue, a user have to follow these points. Make sure a user must close the MS Outlook application and then, go to Program file option and now, open the folder of Microsoft Office. Next, go to Open Office 12 folder and start searching for SCANPST.exe as an administrator. By using this procedure, users can find their PST files and switch the file to AppData folder through the administrator folder of users Desktop. Again, start Microsoft Outlook application for working properly.

2. Outlook IMAP protocol Failed

A Problem with IMAP Protocol is the major reason for updating the error in the email message header missing. The anti-virus installed within the computer system for scanning IMAP Protocol but sometimes fails to scan Outlook application. This makes few Configuration issues.

Solution: To avoid this issue, first users have to exit from users anti-virus program and configuring that along with IMAP suite of MS Outlook. Reducing the strength of firewall and to disable the scan features of IMAP Protocols and will help to reduce the complexity.

3. Using Best Quality Software

The corrupted Outlook PST files and IMAP protocols are the major reasons to disable the updated Outlook message header features of MS Outlook. The another one cause is that the firewall setting is not properly.

Solution: Updated anti-virus Software is the best solution to avoid this type of issues. To reconfigure the firewall will be helpful to solve these challenges.

Generally, Outlook error “failed to update headers outlook 2010” is fixed by using the above-mentioned instructions. However, if these issues persist, then it means that Outlook might fail to update an email message header. This problem needs to be fixed with various solutions and users are recommended to take help from these details to fix the problem.

Alternative Solution to Repair PST Header

In order planning to recover or restore the contents of corrupted or damaged PST file, several utilities are available in the market. One of the most efficient recovery tool is Outlook PST Recovery Software used for recovering password protected and corrupted Outlook data files. The software is capable of repairing complete PST Data and converts the recovered data in different featured file formats like PST, EML, and MSG making the contents accessible in Outlook. Accessible on all Windows Machine (32-bit or 64-bit) and also, supports MS Outlook 2016 (32-bit & 64-bit).


Nowadays, Outlook is most widely used email application among users. However, while accessing this Outlook message header, users face various issues. There are some issues are mentioned in this content with the reliable solutions. The causes of error and solution to fix this error is discussed. Therefore, in the above discussion a proper resolution is discussed to overcome the cause. Also, gives an alternative reliable solution which helps to repair Outlook Header.

That’s it! This was my tutorial on How to fix Outlook Message Header Missing Error hope you liked it, If you have any queries then feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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