Facebook Lite is an official application for Android, which you can use to access this social networking website and almost all its features. It is a lightweight app, which occupies bit of resource on the device. This proves out to be useful in the areas with the slow network connections. Since it uses less data, it loads quite easier and faster. This proves out to be quite useful when you have a slow networked unreliable data connection.

How to use Facebook Lite App?

It is quite easy to use Facebook Lite App and works quite similar to the Facebook app. But, in order to use it, you need to create a Facebook account and an Android device. Download the Facebook Lite app from the Google Play Store and open the same. Log into your Facebook Lite app and then you can use it to perform different tasks on Facebook, as you normally would. Even if you have already the Facebook app installed on your device, you can use Facebook Lite a try and access it.

What can you do with the Facebook Lite app?

Facebook lite has normally all the features that are offered by the Facebook app. Using it, you can view the updates of your friends. You can also choose to comment on their status, profiles, etc. Notifications about them are displayed instantly. You can also use it to share updates with your friends. You can also chat with your friends which turn out to be the most important feature. In this, you no longer have to install a Facebook Messenger separately to receive messages. The size of the Facebook Lite app is quite small as compared to even the Normal Facebook app, but performs the task of both the Facebook and Messenger app. You can also use it to share images.

Advanced Features of Facebook Lite App:

Facebook Lite comes with various benefits which turn out to be quite an amazing alternative to Facebook app. Here are some of the advanced features of the Facebook lite app. Some of the most amazing Facebook features are as follows:

Less Download Size:

The download size of this app is quite slow in the range of just a few MB. This requires quite a little amount of data. You can quite easily use it even on 2G connections.

Faster Install:

The small size of the Facebook Lite app helps it to be installed easier and faster as it requires quite a little storage size. This helps it to install the apps faster and easier than the Facebook app.

Quick load times:

Facebook Lite has quick load times due to its sheer small size. The photos and updates load faster than the normal app.

Less Data Usage:

Data usage in Facebook Lite app is incredibly low as it is designed to consume a system and network resources. This will help you remain connected with your friends at all time without being heavy on the pockets.

Less Battery Consumption:

Less resource utilisation also leads to low battery consumption. The device running Facebook Lite will run comparatively run longer and faster as compared to the device running normal Facebook app.

Works on any Android phones:

Since it is a very lightweight application, it is designed so to work on any version of Android phones. So using this app ensures that you no longer have to change your phones and upgrade them to the latest versions to make the most out of Facebook.

The difference between Facebook Lite App and Facebook App:

Facebook Lite app is quite different from Facebook app. The only major difference between the two worth remembering is that the images loaded on Facebook Lite app are not that great, but turn out to be a bit grainy. There is also a limitation, however, that you are not able to post and view videos.

Who should use Facebook Lite App?

Facebook Lite app can be used by any people who would like to access it on slow networks like 2G. If you are encountering data constraints, or have a slow or unstable internet connection, this app might work wonders for you. The users with older phones too can use it. For the device owners with longer battery life phones should consider installing Facebook Lite app. This will get them longer uptime.

Who should not use the Facebook Lite App?

Those users who use Facebook to watch videos and share updates should not use this app and must go for the full sized Facebook app. In such a case their devices must be able to handle the resources that are requested by the app.

Now after knowing the features of the Facebook Lite app, and different features that it offers, you can make a clear distinction between the two. This will help you get a clear idea on whether to use the Facebook app, or the Facebook Lite app.

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