Have you ever wanted to download torrent on iPhone? Did you feel the single tear going down to the bottom of your face as you were told how to do that?

It probably wasn’t that dramatic but considering iPhones are really popular, it’s sort of sad there doesn’t seem to be an easy way how to enjoy torrenting on them. Going for the jailbreak might be an option but if you really value your phone, you probably do not want to go through with it.

This guide explains how to download a torrent file to iPhone without jailbreak but it works for iPad, any other iOS device and in fact anything else with an internet browser.

In this guide, we will make use of service called Bitport.io. Bitport is defined as a cloud torrent downloader. It sounds horrible as a definition but don’t be scared. It is a torrent client, rather than anything else. The real difference is its utility and the way it handles torrent files. We will go through the whole process step by step but you should understand the basics before we start.

Bitport ; Download torrent on iPhone

Bitport runs in any web browser so you don’t need to install anything to use it. Once you add your torrent file or magnet link to Bitport, downloading starts on a server somewhere far away from your connection. The downloaded file is then transferred to your personal Bitport cloud from where you can download it to your device or just stream it. Now we know the basics so let’s start!

How to download torrent on iPhone:

Step 1: Bitport registration:

Go and register at Bitport.io. Once you fill in your email and password you will receive the validation message to your email. Go click it and you are ready to use Bitport.

Register on Bitport

Step 2: The torrent hunt:

Find a torrent file you want to download. You probably know how to do that assuming from the fact you are reading this article but just to make sure… You can get them from any torrent tracker.

Once you find the torrent file, find the magnet link button. An icon with a magnet drawn on it. Tap and hold this icon until a menu appears. Choose Copy to get the magnet link address.

Step 3: Adding the torrent:

After you log in Bitport, you will see the Dashboard page. Paste the previously copied magnet link by tapping and holding the “Paste a magnet link here” line. The link is pasted and you can tap  the Add new torrent button.

Adding Torrent

Step 4: Downloading the torrent:

Once you’ve added your torrent, download to your cloud will start. The download speed is usually somewhere between fast a very very fast. When the file is downloaded, it is transferred to your cloud.

Downloading a torrent

Step 5: Locating your file/s:

Open “My files” folder and find your file. Tap it to open the file detail. Notice the option for download and stream. If you wish to, you can stream any video file without the need to download it. Enjoy your files.

Reading your torrent files

Stay anonymous while torrenting:

Downloading with BitTorrent is generally frowned upon. Even if technically speaking there is nothing wrong with it. This means it is a good idea to stay off the grid.

Bitport provides SSL encryption for premium users. The same encryption your banks uses to hide your data communication with their server. This is really nice way to hide your torrenting from ISP. It is also really elegant and easy way how to torrent in the US if you happened to be there.

Best way to torrent:

Somewhere at the beginning of this article there is mention of Bitport and its superior utility to a classic BitTorrent client. The utility comes in the form of cross-platform compatibility and from the ability to stream video files.

You can find torrents on your PC, download them to your Bitport cloud and watch them on your iPhone. This all without the need to download or install anything. You can also connect a lot of media services, like Infuse or Kodi to your Bitport account through FTP.

There is also a clever trick for Andriod and PC users which will eliminate the conversion phase of Bitport streaming. You can copy the download link of any video file a stream it with VLC player.


So, you’ve learned how to download torrents to your iPhone. It should also be mentioned how much does this all cost. You can go either for a free account or a premium one.

The free account, also known as a trial account, limits your torrent size to 1 GB and you can download one file every 24 hours.

With the premium plan, you don’t need to worry about anything. The Small premium plan starts at 5$ a month for unlimited torrenting at hight speed and 30 GB of cloud disk space.

Bitport Premium Plans

You can try Bitport for yourself by clicking here.

That’s it! Hope you liked this how to guide, If you have any queries then feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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