It has been quite some time since I have posted about hacks (stuffs), So today I am going to post some interesting hacks that will help you to increase your Alexa Rank.

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Alexa Ranking

Now let me tell you, This is not a black hack method OR a magic wand trick that will boost your Alexa Rank instantly!…I am just showing you some proven tips that will help you to increase your alexa rank (That why calling this method a “Hack” 😀 🙂 )..You can see that it has been only (*almost) 4 months and my ranking is improving day by day using these techniques..So I recommend you that you should also follow these methods.

You can see my ranking graph here :

Alexa Ranking HG

You can check my ranking here (Live)

So lets get started :

So basically what is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking is something which is highly required for SEO of your blog, It is based on the users/audience reach and pageviews

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Why is Alexa Ranking Important?

It is very important for your business blog/website because it help your site to get more traffic ie. It helps in SEO. It also helps webmaster and advertisers to see how potential your website is to them. You can see that many other king sites like Google, Facebook, YouTube (And many big big site) is influence by alexa ranking.

You can check the ranking from here :

So how should I improve my Alexa Ranking?

Don’t worry about it..This is why I have made this tutorial 😀 😛

If you want to boost your alexa ranking then you just have to follow these simple steps :

1) Install Alexa Toolbar in your browser : This will help help alexa to collect the data from your site faster ie. It may help you to boost your ranking faster. Also tell your friends, relatives, audience (Other users)  to add the toolbar in there browser (encourage them) and then ask them to visit the site (frequently) for latest updates (And all other tactics to invite people on your blog)

Bonus : Do not forget to put an alexa badge on your blog/website (This will help alot)

Get the Alexa Toolbar from here :

Get the Alexa Badge from here :

2) Write Good Article : As you can see this is very important! In short if you will have good quality content then there will be more visitors which means good alexa rank automatically

3) Promote : Share your blog/website on kings social networking sites like Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon.etc and you can also share your articles on these social networking sites.

4) Share it on Webmaster Forums : Almost every webmaster have the alexa toolbar installed in there browser. So there might some chance..!

5) Claim your website/blog on Alexa : This will help alexa to track your website faster. In return you will get what you want.

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So these were the top 5 Hacks (methods) that can boost your alexa ranking very fast. Hope you liked it.

Note : Many people see this ranking only as a source of advertising, but it’s not like that! Alexa is very important part of SEO. You can see that many big sites like techcruch, advantage (and many other) have proven the importance of alexa ranking. So in the end we can say that alexa ranking is important

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