There are many apps on PlayStore but the real truth is that the useful once are not free OR The apps which are useful are available in trial version (With less features), But there is a way to get (*Almost) all paid apps for free.

So basically what you have to do is download this specific app on your android device and then search the name of the paid app you wish to download and if it is there then you will get it for free.

First let me tell you about BlackMart :

It is an alternative for Google PlayStore and contains a large list of application that can be downloaded on android tablets/device. Almost all apps on blackmart is free
For more info :

Steps for install and use on Android:

Note: This app requires root access (To make some features work), You can read this guide to root your android device : How to root your android device

1) Download the app :

2) Install it on your android device

3) Now search for the paid apps you want to download (via search box)

-Downloading apps from blackmart is so easy, You just have to click on the “Install” button

Here you can see the list of top paid app for free (Screenshot) :

BlackMart : Get Paid Apps for Free (Android)

Just click on your desire and download it for free. You can also filter the list (To show only top paid apps), For this you need to follow this step :
1) Click on Option Menu > “Sort Mode…”

2) Select Sort mode and set it to Rating

3) Select Sort order and set it to Descending

4) Select Filter and set it to Paid

5) it will only show you list of top paid apps

Note : We are not encouraging anyone to download paid app for free and that too from an illegal store. We recommended you to buy the app if you really liked it.

Please do tell us that how much did you like this app (BlackMart)…We were able to get (all our desired) paid apps for free from this mart, But did you get yours? And if you have any queries then you can contact us OR you can comment us below.

Have Fun!!

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  • Shadad

    Nice very nice thank u very much


      Is this App illegal ?


      • Use the original BlackMart app..There is no other version of this app

  • vignesh

    is the apps that i instal from black mart safe

    • Yes, it is!!! They are all safe. It is just they are cracked (For freemium use)

      • shekhar suneja

        Hi my whatsapp is banned how to do unbanned for iOS my number is this 09925005202

        • Přàşhánt Âlladí

          Hey dear , dont share ur mobile number on such sites , any1 can miss use ur number , if u are facing some problem then tell them ur issue which u are facing but never share ur personal info. 🙂 its for ur safety.

  • manan

    Do I Need To Root My Phone First???????

    • Yes there are some features in this app which requires rooted phone!..

  • Vaibhav Kataria

    Hey man! I’ve downloaded this blackmart app, and get very used to it, install some great premium apps for free but after installation those apps and use them for 3-4 days . the play store shows me that ur app license has been canceled. Or m not authorized to get access to them. I don’t get it how can I fix this problem br.

  • John Smith

    Does this work?

  • John Smith

    Not working

  • Soodit

    Hey is it necessary to have an rooted device. Can’t it be done without rooting…

  • Codegen

    I mean app is great and works fine even without root approval, but I wonder why it need a root permission.

    • Some premium apps (which require root access) can be installed via blackmart fr free so that why when installing these apps you will need a root access for black mart or you wont be able to install these app on your android device

  • Sami Almadhgi