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“Further, the next generation of terrorists will grow up in a digital world, with ever more powerful and easy-to-use hacking tools at their disposal” –Dorothy Denning

No longer is hacking something that can only be done by bad boys who have an expert knowledge on Programming languages, now even it can be done by my “Mom”. It is so easy and becoming more and more common.

Note: I am writing this post only for educational or testing purpose and all listed apps are used only for fun. If the readers wish to download these apps and tools and use it for personal gains, the author and the publisher are not to be held liable for any cause of damage done.

So here is the list of Best Hacking Apps and Tools of 2016:

Best Hacking Apps

1. SpoofApp:

Do you want to make fool your friend to make a call this app is for you. SpoofApp is basically used for fun only over its functionality. With it, you can make a call under any number and you can manipulate what number shows up on user’s phone when you call. On top of that, you can also change your voice with the application and even record the entire conversation. You can download it from Google play store available in both free and paid version with some advanced functionality.

2. AndroRat:

“It’s a drone nation where everything and everyone is remotely controlled.”- ― Bryant McGill
AndroRat is a Remote Administration Tool for Android devices. AndroRat is a client and server application developed in Java. It is an app that can be used to control other devices. You can control another device without having access to the device. It’s like having a remote to your wife’s Hands.

3. WiFi Kill:

When it comes to enjoy free wifi and access all internet speed on your device for downloading your favorite game or movie you can’t allow anyone to used wifi. This App is one of the best app for disable other user wifi connection. You can easily do this with the help of this application just download this amazing android app in your smartphone and you can easily kick off other user from connected wifi.

4. Eviloperator:

If you want to connect automatically connect 2 unknown users in a phone call making them feel like that they are calling each other you can trust on Eviloperator. This app automatically connects two person in a phone call. Eviloperator’s biggest advantage is that you can record and save the conversation. Download this app from google play store for fun.

5. APK Inspector:

APK Inspector allow users to view the source code of the application and great tool that any general app user will love to know what permissions does the application has. It also allows you to edit features making it possible to enable, disable and deleting them altogether. Its main purpose is to reverse engineer any android application. You can get the source code of any android application and edit it in order to remove license and credits.

6. Whatsapp sniffer:

This is a best android hacking application. With it! You can hack private WhatsApp chats, audio, picture and videos of your girlfriend and boyfriend who are using your wifi and hotspot. It is detected by antivirus so be aware and disable your antivirus before using this application on your smartphone. Must try it.

7. insider:

This app is used for finding hidden wifi in your area. If a clever wifi admin lived in your area they set wifi ssid to hidden. This hides wifi network and name you can’t see in your smartphone. But don’t worry there is another clever app more than your area admin known as insider. But If you download this amazing app, you can see hidden ssid wifi signal and also find low range wifi signal in your area.

These are the best hacking apps and tools for android phones users only for fun and educational or testing purpose so do not use these apps to hack someone’s network without their permission.

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