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AR (Augmented Reality) is more than just technology and imparts real fun to enjoy. The fundamental theory of AR is to cover up digital content on top of the actual things by using maps, cameras and others as well. This is one of the most popular categories of games and apps on Google play store. Here we would enlist 11 best AR games and apps for Android devices.

List of Augmented Reality Apps and Games for Android:

1. Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner App for Download

The first one on the list is barcode scanner. The app has more than 100 million downloads on the play store and is considered to be a basic app and tool that all the Android devices should have. It helps in scanning contents like barcodes and others on the cameras and devices so that it can be opened. It works efficiently without any issues in installation. If an Android user doesn’t have this app, he/she should not forget to use it once at least.


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2. CamGun

CamGun App for Android

This is really a fun game app that lets the Android users bring up various weapons like guns, missiles, etc. and gun down the friends or people appearing on the camera. It uses AR technology and offers great fun for the users. The trial of the game app is free but if you want to utilize of the premium version, it costs $1.39.

3. Google Goggles

Google Glasses App for Android

This is a visual search application for the Android users and can be downloaded easily. This is believed to be the first effort by any developer by making use of AR. It’s a very useful app and helps in searching. It takes pictures of the objects like a landmark, ID cards, books but it doesn’t work on food, animals, and other objects. It changed the searching options as previously we had only typing or speaking but now it facilitates in taking pictures and search for them. It can be used as barcode scanner too, but the perfect use of this app is that it translates foreign languages into your desired language.

4. IKEA Catalog

IKEA Catalog App for Android

This is a very useful app and excellent utilization of AR for Android devices. The core purpose of the app is to provide people all around the world with home furnishing inspirations. It’s printed in 34 languages, 71 versions and millions of copies as well. The app helps in searching home furniture, and an additional feature lets the user superimpose any extra piece of furniture into their rooms too.

5. Ingress

Ingress App for Android

This is an augmented reality game where the users do battle between reality and games. It’s a location-based where the users hack up and build portals. The most surprising aspect of the game is that the users can meet up as well. When the users play, it takes over places, and locations and the player can travel to specific destinations. It supports missions too to create reality based games and fun.

6. Life is Crime

Life is Crime App for Android

It’s also a GPS location-based battle game where the users specify certain landmarks and fight to take over the place or building. This is entirely an entertaining game with the good size of players. It lets the players communicate with their fellows as well through chat option. If you have to play and have some fun, join the gangs and fight with fellow players to take control of actual locations and complete missions. The users living in suburban areas may face problems in finding players otherwise it’s a perfect AR use to live a life full of crime without going to prison.

7. Parallel Kingdom

Parallel Kingdom App for Android

As are talking about AR based games and apps, this is another that uses GPS locations to play and have fun. It offers the users to play and complete their missions. If you have to use, the user needs to get a confirmation mail and put up a username as well while communication through messages is also available so that anyone can talk with other fellow players. It’s indeed a great game and supports six languages with more than 2 million players in 100 countries.

8. Spec Trek

SpecTrek App for Android

This is a visual reality ghost hunting game. Once it’s installed, the user can locate all the nearby ghosts and after tracking the target, they can be hunted as well. This game is equally acceptable for all age groups, but it’s a great source of entertainment and fun for the kids, especially. Though it’s simple, it proffers great fun with access to stats, records and milestones achieved.

9. Star Walk

Star Walk App for Android

The trial of the game is free but full version costs $2.29. The augmented reality-based game is designed for the people and kid who love gazing at stars in the night. The game resembles the old Google Spy Map and lets the users explore what’s in the sky. It works well on the older Android versions, but users are recommended to upgrade their OS to enjoy it conveniently.

10. Yelp

YELP App for Android
Yelp logo. (PRNewsFoto)

The game is visual reality based, and many of the features are unknown to many users. The actual purpose of the app-turned-game is to locate the nearby specific locations like restaurants and hotels. The game offers a good amount of fun, but it needs more features that are expected to be introduced soon in the offing.

11. Zombie, Run!

Zombie, Run! App for Android

This is one of the first ever versions that were based on augmented reality use. In the game, you have specified premises and the zombies surround you in that area. What you are required to do is to get away from them. The drawback espied in the game is that it was left incomplete by the developer so it might not be compatible with latest Android versions


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