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Internet has been helpful to us since its inception. It has offered a lot of help from education resources to home DIY tips to travel blogs you can read. However, the most important thing the internet has to offer is the tips and tricks we can use to earn money online.

Earn Online

Yes, being online can give you an additional income on your spare time. It doesn’t need to be a prestige job but it is fun and easy. There are a lot of legitimate ways to earn extra money and supplemental income online. These, anyone can do it.

Below are recommended apps and websites you can visit and use to earn a little extra cash at hand:




Considered as one of the coolest website to earn money online. You can be paid by just listening to a song and provide a brief review of it as a way of feedback to the artist. However, it doesn’t pay that much but you can absolutely do the task any time of the day. In addition, SliceThePie sends the payment via Paypal after withdrawing the money, which is minimum of US$10 cash-out threshold.

It’s easy to navigate the site and no process at all except signing up and start making money out of it. It’s easy, fun, and relaxing way for an additional income.



Do you have a good listening skill? Then QuickTate is for you. This website is a transcription company that deals with transcribing voice mail into text. Users listen to other people’s phone’s voice messaging system and typing out the words and sentences.

This website doesn’t pay that much to qualify as a job. It’s application process is really simple and easy to pass. QuickTate is a good start to acquire general transcription experience and help people to get into a freelance transcriptionist. It also helps to enhance your typing and listening skills.


Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is ideal for people with blog or website. Bloggers can set up a free account and they can link the to their blog to earn Amazon vouchers. There are steps in adding links and banners to blogger’s website. When someone clicks on the Amazon links or banners and then proceeds to transact, it will be recorded, earning five percent commission on the part of the blogger. This commission comes it the form of cash or an Amazon discount.

Bloggers can get as much as 10 percent commission, but it depends on the price and the category. One thing to remember is that any product that user bought personally is not counted as commission.


Gift Hunter Club

This website allows you to earn money online by just joining competitions, answering polls, watching videos and any other easy tasks you can do via online. You can earn cash via Paypal or get an Amazon voucher. Interested party can sign up and read the how to ‘earn points’ section. The section contains the available tasks and the corresponding payment.


Speedy Money Cash Advance

If you’re in dire need to have a quick cash at hand for emergency purposes, this website can help you get that.The money is directly transferred into your account, and the repayments are debited from your account using a repayment schedule.


Smartphone Apps

Field Agent iPhone app

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re lucky because there’s an app you can use to earn money by just using your phone. This app is fondly called Field Agent. Companies that conduct a small market research send out the requirements via the app. Users’ mission, upon accepting it, included product review, take photos of the product and check the prices of each product being under the market research.

Usually, this task pays £4.50 per task and can go higher as much as £10. The payment method is cash via Paypal and it doesn’t have any minimum funds.

App URL:

Snap by Groupon

Snap by Groupon offers rebates on groceries every week. How can you earn from it? By just snapping a picture of the receipt of the items you bought. When you have earned US$20 in your account, you can get it via cash. Referring a friend can give you a dollar as well. This app is available on both Android and iOS.

App URL:

That’s it!! We hope that this may/will help you to make some extra money. Please let us know that which website and app helped you the most to make some extra money (ca$h 😀 :p)

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