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Today we can easily access the world data from anywhere using internet. Digital age has provided us numerous ways to communicate with each other, but it has a dark side too. Your private information is not private anymore. Various websites and internet services can easily use your personal information. But the question is who is actually using all this information? Well, the user can be anyone from an individual to big organization.



We use different internet services and unknowingly share our private information. It may be possible that someone else is using your identity on different channels and you are not aware of this. Not all the internet services can be questioned here as some of the service providers keep this information secret.


So what you should do to protect yourself from being the victim of identity theft? Have a look at this infographic created by, Ecogreen IT Recycling, that revolves around identity theft.

Identity Theft

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Katie Baker is a famous tech writer. She is currently working as a Marketing Manager at Ecogreen IT Recycling, a company which provides electronic recycling and data backup services.

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