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The discovery of the Internet has totally redefined the way serious businesses operate. With over 1 billion websites competing for better positions on the Internet, just having a website or a great product/service for the holiday season is no guarantee that your sales will increase. Perhaps, the deals and commissions you’ve decided to offer your clients are the best on the continent, but what if nobody sees them? You probably know better than me that the Internet is the global shopping mall for everything that has a name. The secret to being the people’s choice in such a global marketplace is to show up whenever they search, as well as being appealing and having the potential to solve their problems. That secret is found in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now relax and continue reading as I expose the 7 Best SEO techniques that can produce an unprecedented results during this holiday season.

1. SEO is about constant research and being current:

Constant Research
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An important component of marketing has always been and will forever be competitive marketing. Being aware of what your competitors are doing helps you to reconsider your approach, re strategize and outcompete your competitors. This is an important aspect to consider in planning towards a holiday season. Your SEO team needs to make a daily commitment to closely observe what others are doing to keep them on top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Don’t forget that the season is an opportunity for everyone and there is nothing wrong with learning from the failures of those falling as well as the successes of those ahead of you.

2. Staying updated with Search Engine algorithms:

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine companies are constantly evolving to provide better Internet experience for its users. This includes a change in the algorithms used in arranging websites on SERPs when people search for something on the Internet. For example, Google recently announced that they will be launching a new algorithm on January 10, 2017, that will demote mobile pages that have intrusive interstitial ads that “makes content less accessible to a user”. According to the company, a websites that displays “a standalone interstitial that the user has to dismiss before accessing the main content” will be punished. This is a very essential thing to note in planning to display a pop up about the season’s promo. Staying up to date with such changes is a must for any business looking to promote their brand.

3. Trending keywords for the season:

The power of Keywords

Have you ever searched for an event or product online using a specific keyword because it is trending? I am sure you have and that’s exactly what I am talking about. Seasonal changes could have a dramatic effect on the search volumes of a product or service. Again, these boil down to research. There are various tools that can be used to determine the keyword density for similar keywords. You need to know which keywords or phrases are trending and for which products/services, age groups or even locations. Within the same season, different age groups shop for different things. Google trends can provide you with meaningful information on rising terms. If there is a specific product or service that your target customers are talking about and looking for, then there is no need to waste time. Your next action would be to use such keywords to optimize your website so that searchers within your locality can easily locate you.

4. Discounts and commissions can make you a pro:

We live in a free world and our love for things that are free is an inborn thing. It is therefore not surprising that customers get excited whenever they hear statements such as free coupon, 50% commission, 10% discount and so on. This is an opportunity for businesses looking forward to double their revenue during a holiday season. I remember four days ago when my younger sister told me about a mobile phone shop that has announced a 20% commission on all their mobile phones as a result of a one week festival celebration that Is taking place in my town. Although she was not financially prepared to buy a phone, she made every effort to raise funds to by one. The shop took advantage of the festival season to double their sales by running a promotion and that decision changed my sister’s mind into doing something she had not planned to do. That is the power of ‘free’. Having put all the SEO measures in place to get people to see your products, or offering something for free is a magical way of closing a deal. It is also very crucial to design a beautiful coupon that a visitor cannot resist and make sure the appropriate keywords are used so that the picture could be easily seen when people do image searches.

5. Link building is as essential as your service or product:

A website is basically dependent solely on links. Whatever information you read from the Internet got to your screen because of the series of linkages between servers, websites and pages. Let me give you a simple scenario with respect to how you landed on this page. When one searches for a product or service on the Internet using Google for instance, he/she requests Google to search in their database a specific piece of relevant information. With over 30 trillion pages on the Internet, Google needs to crawl through from serves to websites and to pages to provide the searcher with the most appropriate information in less than 10 seconds. These should at least give you an idea of how a broken link can make a search engine entirely blind to your page. Although external links are very essential in ensuring a good rank, your website visitors’ experience is is greatly dependent on your internal links. I do not intend to school you on link building and its importance but to remind you so that you don’t repeat a common mistake that many do. It is very common to optimize your content and forget to check whether there are no broken links on your website. I made such mistakes quite very often when I started my online marketing career so I know what I am talking about. Each time you update your website, make it a point to double check all the links on your page to make sure they are functioning properly. Bear in mind that one broken link can prevent hundreds of visitors from reaching your contact form or closing a deal.

6. Customer feedback builds trust:

Customer Feedback

An essential component I have recently been advising people to include in their online marketing campaign is a review section. People are more likely to patronize products or services that have good reviews than those without one. Remember the last time you downloaded an application from your apps store. Perhaps you are different than me, but reviews tell me more about the experiences of people who have used the product before. I always assume that positive reviews is an indication that the product is solving people’s problems and that is a good reason to download and use. Humans are social beings and our day to day activities are largely determined by the behavior of other people. It is therefore important to give friends, family and customers an opportunity to share their experience, so that it can influence others to patronize your products.

7. Remember, SEO marketing is meant for humans not, not search engine:

It is very common website managers and online marketers to optimize their website in order to take advantage of the holiday boom. As important as it is to optimize your website, you have to be extra careful so that you don’t jeopardize your current online ranking. As I indicated earlier on, search engines are continuously changing their rules and such changes usually result in many websites being regarded as spam. In optimizing a website, it is very important to remember that your title, meta description and the actual content of the website are meant to be read by humans. Using simple sentences for instance makes it easier for seasonal travelers to read about your product and ultimately become your clients. Google for instance has been evolving with the primary focus of providing searchers with the most relevant results. Any information that is seen by Google to not provide the user with a great experience will remain in their database but might never be shown to a searcher. Your SEO focus should therefore be focused on providing your clients with top notch quality information that is easy to read, straight to the point and not too focused on just generating leads.

Here are a few tips to avoid being punished by search engines:

  1. keep your sentences simple
  2. optimize your photos with keywords
  3. Avoid keyword stuffing
  4. Avoid spelling mistakes

In conclusion, I want you to understand that becoming successful is not dependent on how much knowledge you have, but how committed you are in implementing the knowledge you acquire. The holiday season is near and the earlier you start implementing your guest post ,  SEO plans, the better. Also note that innovation is key for every business and that is the reason why I encourage readers to leave comments and follow my blog for more updates on how to become a pro in SEO and online marketing. Good luck!

That’s it! These were the 7 top notch SEO tips that everyone should follow. If you have any other pro tip in mind then please share it with us via comment section below.

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