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Travel blogs are awesome because they are the best kind of travel research. They can give a great travel advice and inspire future travelers to buy the tickets and begin the journey. Also, they describe first-hand experience of others, so by reading these blogs, one can make more informed choices in different situations.

In case you already are a travel blogger using Android, you can also find some interesting tools in this article to make blogging more enjoyable and easier. Travel bloggers understand that convenience and efficiency in this business more than anyone else because they do not have comfortable offices to sit and share their experiences.

The tools below will ensure that your Android device plays a deciding role in keeping your travel blog always full of new fascinating posts.

List of 7 best blogging tools for creative travelers (Android):

WordPress (Blogging Platform)

WordPress for Android

Every blogger knows how important WordPress is for their business. This platform is the most popular among the bloggers because of its simple interface and great functionality. With WordPress, a traveler with Android device can perform almost the same number of functions as if they were using a desktop version. According to Google Play page, the app has been installed by at least 5 million users around the world, which once again confirms the popularity of the platform.

Use your Android device to publish and edit new posts, manage comments, and view statistics for your WordPress blog like never before.

Blogger (Blogging Platform)

Blogger for Android

This tool is the second most popular among travel bloggers who use Android. The reason for the popularity is simple: the app makes blogging on the go easier by providing many functions and automating the process. Among the functions of Blogger are creation and immediate publishing of posts, editing, adding images, photos from a smartphone camera, and location information.

Thanks to these functions, you will easily manage your blog whenever you are.

Clear Focus (Distraction-free Writing)

ClearFocus for Android

Lots of things can distract a blogger during travel plus the phone itself can be a great source of distraction because of Facebook notifications, text messages, and calls. If you prefer to have a distraction-free environment during writing blog posts, Clear Focus is a perfect app for you. It is time-management tool that can help you to be more productive and avoid wasting time on distractions.

Clear Focus allows the user to disable all distracting notifications and have a little break between the writing sessions to check others apps. Besides, it is very customizable, so users can set the options that meet individual preferences.

Tumblr (Microblogging)

Tumblr for Android

For some bloggers, having a microblog is better because it needs less attention and maintenance. Some of the most popular platforms for microblogging are Twitter and Tumblr because they make blogging more convenient by requiring only a limited amount of text. The latter platform, for example, has its own Android app that is used by travel bloggers who prefer to post short messages with fascinating content, such as photos, videos, and quotes.

If you are still unsure how to use Tumblr to increase the awareness about your travel blog and advance your business, check out this quick guide by Entrepreneur.

Photo Lab Picture Editor (Photo Editing)

PhotoLab for Android

A travel blogger needs a reliable and functional photo editor that will help to prepare the photos for uploading to the blog. This is a popular picture editor that can achieve this purpose and make the photos look exactly like you need them. The app is called Photo Lab for a good reason because it has more than 500 photo effects. As the result, the photos you take during the trip can be made more creative plus you can work on the logo of the blog. According to Eva Smith, who was involved in professional essay writing before she became interested in travel blogging, this app is great because it eliminates the need for a professional photo editor.

Besides, you can add some stylish and funny effects to your photos to make sure that people who visit your blog have even more fun.

Plagiarism Checker (Text processing)

Plagiarism for Android

A powerful anti-plagiarism app that will ensure the originality of your blog. It searches the pages from five popular search engines, including Google, Babylon, Google Books, Yahoo, and Google Scholar. It is especially beneficial for bloggers on the go because it does not need registration, converts many files types, can be installed on SD card, and provides reliable results. As the result, you will ensure that every blog post produced by you is original.

Only original content can provide useful information for visitors and improve the quality of the blog, so use this app to avoid setbacks like plagiarism. Google loves unique content only.

SwiftKey Keyboard (Typing)

SwiftKey for Android

For those travel bloggers who are tired of typos and small keyboard buttons, SwiftKey Keyboard can be a real discovery. It provides an advanced automatic correction of typos, sophisticated word prediction mechanism, and personalization tool. These functions improve the speed of writing and make it easier and more enjoyable.

You can watch this YouTube video where the app’s developer Ben Medlock introduces it and shows its cool features.

Make a Smart Choice

The list of apps presented in this article contains various solutions for your blogging needs on the go. You need the best ones to keep your blog running so let them be useful for your business!

That’s it, these were 7 best blogging tools for creative travelers (on Android), If you have any other tool in mind then please do share it with us via comment section below

If you have any queries then please do ask it in the comment section below

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