The vacation period is around the corner. If you are confused, in dilemma or you want to seek more information, use these android apps. They are designed to help you in planning, preparing for the departure as well as navigating new and different places with ease.

So here is the list of 7 Android Apps for Your Summer Vacation:

1. Google translate:

Google Translate App

This app is best suited for people who like traveling and adventuring abroad. To navigate foreign nations, you need to understand the different language used in these places. To get the translation, all that you need is to type the word or phrase that you want to be translated. To translate huge content at once, you need to use a menu or a camera. There is also a handwriting feature that lets you draw those characters you need to translate instead of typing it. This app supports 52 offline languages when downloaded and 103 typing language translations.

2. Pro HDR Camera:

Pro HDR Camera

This is one of the best trending Android app used to boost phone camera. It does a real time analysis of the scene and uses 3 resolution exposure in order to generate HDR; it maximizes the range and minimizes the noise resulting to improved image quality. Others features are the front and rear camera, live updating sliders that control the HDR before filters, shoot, geotags, and caption and photo library. This helps to merge and edit a single image.

3. Gate Guru:

GateGuru, feat. Airport Maps

This app is designed for travelers who mostly use air transport. It provides the information needed before and also after the flight. Once you download the app, send the itinerary to gate guru. It will then analyze the travel plans and also provide check-in at the airport terminal, the specific terminal and the gate numbers for departures and arrivals, estimated wait time, the flight status and the general weather condition at the airport. It has information on the amenities available, shops, restaurants and services rating and reviews

4. Pocket Casts:

Pocket Casts

Seeing new destinations and places is fun. Long trips on a bus, plane, train or car are boring and not as much fun. To compensate for this boredom, with the best Android phones install this app to help you access great content irrespective of where you are. It enables you to discover new content that is either trending or featured. You can easily filter the content that you receive, toggle between audio and video, instantly refresh collection, set the podcasts episodes that you should keep, customize the list of podcasts to be downloaded. If you love specific podcasts, then you can receive the notifications immediately new episodes are released.

5. The live trekker:


When you are not familiar with the place and wish to get recommendations on what to see and where this is the app to download. It allows you to discover the trips that are submitted by the community. It also enables you to submit adventures that you wish to recommend to friends. The app will record wherever you go, capture events, places around and share them later. Once you record the trip, you can search your recordings through entering time, keyword or the GPS location.

6. Vurb:

Vurb - Find and Save Anything

Having too much travel apps installed on your app?- this is the app to help you. It compiles information from various apps and presents them into one spot. This enables you to access information on events, movies, restaurants and TV shows. It also helps you read through the recommendations posted by different people. You can save important ideas, like the hotel you want to reside in and the place to travel. Ratings and reviews from apps like Yelp, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes and Foursquare are brought together. Once you are done with planning, this app will help you access the usual travel apps and reserve tickets for the same.

7. Unit Converter Pro Plus:

Unit Converter Pro Plus

This is used to convert home currency values to the local values. The app has the capability to convert multiple units and currencies at the same time. You search for the specific unit and category, use the inbuilt calculator to figure out totals, and then edit the existing template in order to add your own. It is always kept up to date. The exchange rates for the 167 currencies in the World are refreshed upon request or after every six hours whichever comes first.

When traveling technology can be useful in booking, researching and preparing for the summer vacation. The mobile apps downloaded and installed in the smartphones are very handy to ensure that your trip is organized, you are informed and safe. When traveling, for a greater experience, you should ensure that you have access to almost all if not all.

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