Most of us understand that hacking is a real problem. But being aware that “bad things happen” hasn’t yet translated into understanding the seriousness of the threat. To most, smartphone hacking is just an inconvenience that only happens to people who do dodgy things with their phones. Unfortunately, the reality is that hacking can put your phone’s data under a real threat.

1. Stealing your identity

Stealing Identiry

The scariest thing hackers can do is to access your information and take your identity. Our smartphones are becoming perfect for this malicious purpose, as we store more and more of our data on these devices. The events have happened a lot in the past and you’ve probably heard about them as well.

Bumping is one of the techniques hackers use, with the problem of detection making this method spooky. By using NFC technology, your phone can be accessed without you even noticing it. Therefore, you need to keep an eye out for identity theft.

2. Attacking other phones with your smartphone

Hackers aren’t always after the data on the device, but rather want to use it for the computing power it provides. The phone is used only for the purpose of attacking other targets. In the hacking world, the act is referred to as turning a phone into a zombie. It does require the installation of the right malware and therefore, you need to stay alert as to the files you download to your phone.

3. Controlling your device

Perhaps the most common threat is hackers gaining access to your device and controlling it without having to steal it. This happens rather regularly and you could mean the hacker uses apps to order things with your credit card or to even use the phone plan remotely. It’s a good idea to download malware checker or virus protection software on your smartphone. You can find recommendations at Hacking Guide, for example.

4. Listening in on your calls and messages

Listening to calls and messages

In certain instances, the remote control could lead to spying. Malware can listen in on your calls and even read your messages. The phone calls can then be used to extort money or for stealing your identity. The malware has to be installed on your phone, so you need to continue monitoring the programs and apps you use. Don’t click the download button before you’re certain of the product and its credits.

5. Following you around

Spying can also happen through the monitoring of your movements. Hackers can install malware, which tracks your location. The invasion of privacy can be devastating and result in you being targeted for robbery or assault. Your phone could also be used to target other people living in your neighbourhood, for example.

6. Breaking into your stuff

The Internet of Things has taken over and our homes are becoming increasingly smart. The downside of turning your kettles and fridges into digitised products is the fact that they are vulnerable to hacking, occasionally through your smartphone. It’s a good idea to pick a home security system that understands these risks your smartphone pose to prevent breaking into your house or stuff. OZCodes has a selection of retailers for home security services providing offers on equipment to prevent theft. You don’t want to stop using technology in your home because it can boost your security instead of hindering it if you just use it correctly.

7. Extorting you for money

Stealing money

The first extortion campaigns in the digital world took place in 2013. Back then, hackers took over people’s computers and asked them to pay a fee to regain control. The ransomware malware has since moved to smartphones with devastating consequences. While removal can be a bit of a pain, it is possible to get rid of the malware. Don’t panic if the worst happens to you, but contact a security expert and also let the authorities know of what has happened.

The above is not meant to spook you and ditch your smartphone. The above list of the alarming ways hackers could mess up with your phone just aims to help you come to terms with the realities of the security threats facing you. You should continue to stay alert and make changes to the way you use your phone to ensure you keep your phone uncompromised

That’s it!! These were some of the alarming ways through which hackers can screw with your smartphone.

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