When we think of an android phone then it is all about speed and performance, but this speed and performance of an android phone does not retain for long period of time. Every smartphone’s/computer’s OS (Operating System) gradually slows down when we use it for a month or 2 (It get diminish after we use it for some time)


5 Tips to increase Android performance
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So, if you are also facing the same problem “the slowing down problem“, then this article is for you. In this article we are sharing few tips that can boost up your phone’s performance. So lets get started :

Here are some Android boosting Tips :

1) Update : We recommend you to update your phone’s firmware. Updating your phone can :
– Improve its stability
– Increase performance
– Make a phone *more user-friendly
– Increase it’s connectivity

After all Google tries it’s best to improve your phone’s OS

2) Clean up your phone : There are many apps that we use in our phone, They write their data in phone’s cache memory and gradually uses all it’s resources. So it is very important to clean up your phone. Some of the best apps that can clean and optimize your android phone :
– DU Speed Booster : http://bit.ly/1sQEfAs
– Clean Master : http://bit.ly/1mYupaF
These app will clean up your phone’s app cache, search history, unused apps and these apps can also do many more things

3) Disable unnecessary apps : We recommend you to close all that apps which are not in use. All the unwanted apps can be disabled from “App Manager“. You can also use “Performance Assistance” that can help you to disable all the apps that are not on use.

4) Keep your Home-Screen tidy (Less widgets!!) : Use less widgets in your home screen, Only keep those widgets in your home screen which are used frequently and remove all those widgets which are not in use. Running too many widgets on your home screen can cause your device to slow down.

5) Uninstall unwanted apps : There are so many apps for android phone that makes it more easy to use, ie. It makes your smartphone more smarter. But every app you install and run uses your phone memory and processes. So we recommend you to use less no. of apps, ie. Only use those apps which are of your use and uninstall those apps which you hardly use. You can remove those apps from “App Manager

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Bonus :

1) Always update apps that you use frequently because updated apps can perform faster
2) Turn off your data connectivity/wireless connectivity when not in use
3) Use an antivirus. List of some of the best antivirus :
– AVG Antivirus : http://bit.ly/1EJtp7m
– 360 Security : http://bit.ly/1kB7Mh6

4) Keep sync off
5) Use android task manager to kill apps
6) Root your phone (Click Here : How to root your android device) (If needed), It gives you administrator level access. That means with this access you can boost your phones performance.

That’s it!!

Conclusion :

So these were the tricks and tweaks that can boost your android speed and can make it run more smoother. Now if you have any other tips in mind then you can share with us.

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