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What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It was launched to ensure the security of data being transmitted on the layers like HTTP and POP3 .SSL basically protects the data from being hacked by the hackers and intruders.

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Secure Socket Layer

As per hackmageddon’s 2014 cyber attacks report government (27.1%) and industries (25.2%) are the prime target of cyber attackers in previous year.

Report (Information)

There are plenty of reasons to install SSL Certificates on your website whether it is any online business or eCommerce business because SSL Certificate builds customer’s trust with online transaction security feature. Well here are 5 prime reasons why you should install SSL Certificate.

Why SSL Certificates are Must for every Website?

#1 Protection from Attacks :

An unsecure website is like an unprotected locker and anyone can steal the information or hack it to launch further attacks through it. Each and every day hackers launch attacks to gain access to websites.

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There are many attacks which can be performed against websites like some of them are :

  • Denial of Service attack – In this the attacker sends the fake packets to the network of the website so that all the bandwidth is consumed by the fake packets and the legitimate users cannot access any bandwidth and the website goes down.
  • Man in the middle attack – In this the intruder sniffs the data being sent from source to destination and the hacker is also able to alter the packets (data).
  • Now we saw that the above two attacks can be performed on your website so the solution to this is SSL Certificates. These not only will save your website from the above two most common attacks but also from the many other type of attacks which are not common.

#2 Customer Trust :

If your website is an ecommerce venture then buying SSL Certificates is must for you. As you all know that Online transaction requires your Credit Card and Debit Card details to be entered by the users so if your website is not having the SSL Certificates then there is a possibility the user might not enter his banking details and may bounce back .
So the SSL Certificates might add an extra value to your website and may win the trust of the user so he can easily enter the banking details without giving it a second thought.

There are many categories of online business and each business needs the SSL Certificates as per the need. If you are the owner of any ecommerce venture then you primarily need EV Certificates. So choose right SSL Certificate product to secure your website or online business from attackers.

PayPal SSL

Tip – You should always buy SSL Certificates which has 100% support and the browser compatibility is also close to 100 %.

ClickSSL is a very reputed SSL Certificates seller in the industry. It deals in the SSL Certificates from trusted brands like the RapidSSL, Semantec, GeoTrust, Thawte at very reasonable prices with 99% browser compatibility.


#3 Encrypt your Data :

SSL Certificates can provide you with the extra functionality of encrypting your data so no hacker could alter or change your data in between your communication.

Even if the data is hacked by the intruder, he could not understand the main message as the data or message is being encoded in some other form with the encryption algorithms.

The technique that is used in the industry for encrypting the data is Cryptography.


#4 Integrity of Data :

Basically if I talk of the Communication network two keys are primarily used public key and the private key.
The sender will have his public key and private key and the receiver on the other hand has the public and private key of his own.

If you want the data to be transmitted from Point A to Point B then there is a basic cryptographic technique is used.

In this the data that is encrypted is known as the cipher text. Data is transmitted from Point A to Point B then Point A uses his public kay and when the data is reached to B then he uses his private key to decrypt the data.

#5 Used in any Application :

Nowadays the SSL Certificates are not restricted to any particular type of application, these can run on any application that is running on the TCP/IP layer and can use the Secure Socket layer in order to protect the data from being hacked by the intruders.

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Initially SSL was designed for 3 applications which were:

  • POP 3 – This stands for post office protocol .This is the protocol through which the email is retrieved up from the mail server.
  • LDAP ( Lightweight Directory access protocol ) – This protocol is also used by the emailing systems , In this the data is locked in some central place and when the request is sent by the directory server then the information will be provided.
  • Http – This stands for hypertext transfer protocol. It is the protocol that is used between the web browser and the web server. This is the protocol that is used by almost all websites.

SSL Certificates are supported by the http servers and near about all the popular browsers come with the SSL Enabled software .If we talk of the most popular browsers like the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer come with SSL Enabled.

Till now you must have understood that what is the need of SSL Certificates in your website. Do tell me what you feel about SSL Certificates and what role does it can play in your online business.

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