Technology gives us many applications and software, which are used in our daily tasks. But sometimes we use technology to track a person’s location. You may think what I am saying. Is tracking included in your daily routine? Nops! I am not saying that. However, many people are looking for such ways to track, and technology has blessed these types of software and applications.

Nowadays almost every person carries a Smartphone with him or her so tracking a person’s location is not too challenging, and smartphone will help you regarding this. There are many good reasons behind to track a mobile phone. Theft is one of those reasons. You are carrying valuable information in your pocket. So if your mobile is theft, you can face the problem. Phone Tracker App plays an important role when you need to track your mobile. In this article, we have discussed some Phone Tracker Apps which can help you to trace mobile from your Smartphone

This mobile tracking app is restricted to iPhone users. You can use this application to track your lost mobile. But for using this service, you need to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5, and you need to set up iCloud. For setting up iCloud, you need to visit Once complete the procedure of creating iCloud you need to log in with your iPhone credentials and hit the “Find my iPhone” option. Now the will be able to see the location of your Smartphone and play a sound or deliver a message, even it can remotely lock your iPhone and delete all the data from your mobile.

List of 3 Best Phone Tracker Apps:



mSpy is one of the most downloaded apps around the world. Users can use this app in multiple ways containing tracking phone calls, contact list, GPS location, messaging, etc. The user interface of this app is easy to use, and it will provide you reliable service while you are monitoring others’ phones using this app.

Lookout Mobile Security & Antivirus:

Lookout Security

It is similar to “Find My iPhone” It is providing mobile security with a web-base cPanel to help people who want locate their Android Smartphone. After installing this app on your device, you will tension free. While your Smartphone will be missing, you can remotely enable loud sound mode instead, the thief disables the sound on your mobile. Even you can enable the GPS mode on your device to locate the place through a MAP, and you do it remotely.

Find My Friends:

Find My Friends

Now you can easily connect with your friends and relatives as well as trace their mobile phone by using your mobile. You need to use “Find My Friends” app on your mobile to avail this facility. You need to install this app on your phone and send an invitation to friends selecting from the phonebook or entering the emails ids of your buddies. But for using this app you and your friends need to carry an iPhone because only iPhone users use this app and with the app, you can only trace an iPhone user.

Final Words

Above are some apps which can help you to track your the mobile phones of your friends and family. Even these apps also provide their supports to track our lost mobile. Not only these apps, but you can also find some other tracking apps for your Android as well as iPhone device. Apart from applications, you can find some tools or software which can be considered as phone tracker free online tools. You can also use those tools and always see the location of your friends and relatives from devices.

So these were the 3 Best Phone Tracker App for iPhone and Android, If you have any other in mind then please do share it with us via comment section below.

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