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One day I was about to enter my home but I found a $20 bill lying right at the entrance of my home. Before, I decided to pick it up, I waited for a while and glanced over my shoulder just to check whether it was a blooper or something, but it wasn’t. So, for that moment I felt $20 richer. It was the first time I was able to make quick cash. It is certainly a great feeling when you get free money, isn’t it? This instantly gave me an idea of writing a blog on easy ways to make quick cash.

10 Easiest Way To Make Money Quickly in 2017:

So, have a look at these ways –

1) Becoming An Uber Driver


Do you get some free time from your busy schedule and do you live in a crowded area? If yes, then you get to earn a quick buck by becoming a, part time, Uber driver. You easily get to make between 13$ to 20$ per hour. The main advantage of being an Uber driver is that the schedule is up to you.

2) Inbox Dollars


If you choose InboxDollars instead of your search engine, you can be rest assured that you receive $5 bonus on signing up. Reaching to $100 is a time-consuming process, but having said that it is after all easy money via printing coupons, using their search engine, and watching videos. And the best part is that when you sign up, you also receive $5.

You can join Inbox Dollars using this link: Join Inbox Dollars

3) Selling Your Junk

You can also make quick money by selling what you don’t need or thinking of buying a new one, such as television, computer, a fridge, etc. The other benefit is that you get to enjoy is that you get to keep the clutter to the minimum. You can also have –

  • Garage Sale – This is a great way to can earn $140 per garage sale. This way you will have a decent amount of cash without even traveling anywhere.
  • Sell on Craigslist – The things you were not able to sell through your Garage sale, you can sell them on Craigslist. If you have some big items, then this is a great place.

4) Making A Suggestion

Majority of the employers tend to have a suggestion box, but the employees care less about it. If the company offers a bonus for workable suggestions, then go ahead with that. You have more chances of earning the bonus as no one else bother to be a part of it.

5) Pet Sitting

Removing all your misconceptions, all you need to do is to have a look at the pet every couple of hours and feeding the pet, that’s it. No, you don’t have to sit for those long hours with the pet. This will help you to maintain various other pet sitting jobs as well and not to mention the quick money that you get to make.

6) Using Your Photography Skills

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Lately, if you have checked the photographer’s prices, you will know that they can be exorbitant. If you possess immaculate photography proficiencies, you might be able to photograph one or two events that will help you earn a minimum of $100.

7) Teaching Software Packages

There are so many people who implement software packages from common ones to the advanced ones, but they are completely unaware of how to use them. If you think that you have all the qualities that a good geek should have and you are proficient with PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or other advanced software, and offer to install them and provide them a basic training, you can easily get $100 in your pocket.

8) Blogging

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If you think you are good at writing, then you can use your writing skills to earn some quick money. There are so many bloggers who pay you for writing blogs for them, you get to earn $20 per blog and if you write five of them, earning $100 is not at all an arduous task.

But before you start make sure that you know how to make a blog, If you dont know then you can learn using these guides:

  1. How to SETUP a WordPress Blog (Complete Guide)
  2. How to create your blog on BlogSpot (Blogger Platform) (Complete Basic Guide)

9) Social Media Manager

You must have come across various social media pro. On the other hand, some of them don’t even have the basic knowledge of the social media. Now, the businesses have realized the significance of social media, and if you are good at it, you can offer your services as a social media manager. Under this profile, you will be posting updates on Twitter, Facebook, and various other social media platforms. You will be paid for that, therefore making quick money.

10) Selling Blood (Noble Cause)

Well, along with being a noble cause, it can help you in earning quick money as well. You are selling your blood so that it can be used for someone who is in immediate need and you get to earn a maximum of $40. Well, four to five donations will easily help you to earn $100 in a matter of weeks.

So, if you were looking to make quick money, above-discussed points will surely help you in this and If you know any more quick tips then you can share it with us via comment section below.

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